Why film makers prefer animation video instead of live action

Tdoday we talk about Why film makers prefer animation video instead of live action.Industries take care of each and every single aspect which is necessary for the development of their brand value in the market.

They have to be very much concerned about each step they are taking for themselves. This is the reason why explainer videos are given much attention as the explainer videos are the ones which play a crucial role in forming the impression of the product or service in the minds of their clients.

An explainer video is basically a video which is used to describe or introduce a product or service offered by a company in pictorial format. People get bored when they are given long documentations to read. They cannot pay much attention while reading long texts due to which, many times, they drop their interest in knowing about that particular product or service. Thus, the company’s purpose remains unsatisfied. This is the reason why the introduction of explainer videos is seen as a boon for the Marketing and Advertisement sector.

Everyone knows that pictures speak more than words and moving pictures (videos) can explain better than anything else. That’s why explainer videos are user friendly. They can make their viewers engaged and the viewers get carried away throughout the running time of the video. Thus, explainer videos are the best to explain about any product or service in the best possible way. Also, these videos can reduce human effort as the companies can do the advertisements online and can cover far greater amount of audience as compared offline advertisements and promotion, time taken is also very less.

Why film makers prefer animation video instead of live action

Now let’s talk something about Live Action Videos. These videos are most suited when we want to connect with our audience at a personal level. Through this technique, the audience can have one-to-one interaction with the main body of the company. This is the reason why this technique is known as live action technique. Means these videos normally involve real videos which are shot using a video camera.

These videos can also be shot by making use of any actor or actress, who is explaining about your product or service to the audience. But these videos are costly. The reason for them to be costly is simple, which is that the actors and actresses involved in the video making add up to the video production cost.

The beauty of these videos can further be enhanced by using high quality graphics and adding few more animation effects. But this will further increase the Video Production Cost.

Now these explainer videos can easily relate the products or services of the company as compared to the live action videos. These live action videos look much like an interaction session which is happening like a seminar or something else. That’s why, industries are not adopting live action videos when they want to introduce any of their industrial products.

Thus, other techniques are more suitable as compared to the live action technique. One more plus point is that these videos will be cheaper and companies need to do less investment towards these, whereas the live action videos are costly and the investment that the company has to make in order to afford them is quite high.

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