How to boost your social media traffic immediately

How to boost your social media traffic immediately

Internet plays a vital role in the lives of people today. Today’s era is the era of internet. Everything you need is just clicks away. If you want to book your tickets (train, bus, theatre etc.), you no longer need to stand in long queue and wait for your turn. Just go to the website and make the payments online and you are done. Want to shop things for daily needs? Not a problem, just go to various shopping sites and shop whatever you wanna shop. The products will be delivered right at your doorsteps. Feeling bored, but can’t go to your friends? Open various social networking websites and start chatting with your friends. Want to learn something new. You can find several tutorial videos flowing on the internet which can help you learn every single aspect of the topic of your interest. Even you can select your perfect match through internet. Simply, the internet has taken the world by storm!

Another boon of internet is Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is the digital way of promoting or advertising your product or services in front of the public. Digital marketing has several aspects which can be used to boost your online business. These methods help in attracting the traffic towards your website. Few of these methods are discussed below:


Using social media as a means to increase the traffic or in other words, attract the crowd towards your website is increasing day by day. Now, you may wonder how social media can help websites gain visitors. Don’t Worry! I will clarify it. People post eye-catching headings and below that they give the link of the website which they want to promote. When the viewer looks at the heading, he finds it interesting and gets attracted towards the website and clicks the link. This is one way of increasing the traffic. Another way is that people can create social media pages and then promote the page first, followed by embedding links in frequent posts. This is also favoured by many organizations. Now, you may wonder how to promote the page and how to increase its visitors? Now, I will tell you the live examples that are happening in daily life and people get trapped in it and ultimately help the page to flourish. You might have seen “Tag a Friend” in many posts. This is one outstanding way used by the promoters, because they know that people generally troll their friends on some thing or the other, then why not use this method to improve the traffic rates? This method worked and now the post views increase like anything. Another point you may have noticed was that they use various eye-catching or “hard to believe” topics, which force the viewers to click the links and ultimately they succeed in their attempts. They sometime create polls asking who will win the match. Now, this is very good technique as the supporters of both the teams will comment react to their posts. This will provide them double audience. Another type of method is when they give different reactions to different celebrities, then people fall in their trap, they wants their favorite celebrity to win an hence ask their friends to react on that post. But ultimately, it is not the celebrities or the likers who win; it is the page admins who win. These are few of the techniques which are used to boost social media traffic immediately.

  • SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically SEO is the process which means maximizing your website traffic by the use of relevant and popular words, making the title catchier; integrating it with social media platforms etc, which ultimately helps your website to gain good search rankings. Thus, the basic concept of SEO is to improve your search rankings. One important aspect of Search Engine Optimization is Explainer videos. An explainer video is the one which is used to introduce your product or service in the market. Now you don’t need to visit places in order to promote or advertise your product. Just Launch an explainer video and spam it through various social media platforms and you are done.


E-mail Marketing is another aspect of Digital Marketing, which involves gathering the e-mail addresses of the people and then spamming their products or services to the users through their e-mail addresses. explainer video company.

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