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We have been working for the last 7 year to offer you the Best Animated explainer videos solution. Now, all you need to do is press ‘Play’ Button in the video.

Uptil now we have created 1,000+ explainer videos for 800+ amazing brands (Big & Small) from 40+ countries around the world..

Animated Explainer Video Examples

These are some of our explainer videos in which we show you 6 styles. Please check and let me know which one your like.


Most Frequently Asked Questions​

What things do you require from me to make the video?

We require the information about your products/website/App/services so that we can understand about your product/services and can also understand what do you want to show to your customers in the video.


Do you make script?

Generally,  clients come with their own script or idea because they  understand well about their  products/services in comparison to us.

However, if any client does not have the script with him, our experts make the script. So, don’t worry about the script.

How many days a video takes time to complete it?

It depends on the duration of the video.  Generally, 1 min. explainer video can be made within 15 days.  Anyway, if the deadline for the video is near, we co-operate with you to complete it within the time frame.

What is your working process?

Our working process is very clear. We give you regular updates for showing you what is going on and we take your approval in each stage. (storyboard, voice over, Animation etc.) so there is no confusion and you receive your video according to your expectations.

How many revisions do you do.

Generally, we allow 2 revisions.  Here, I would like to mention that we give you regular updates (step-by-step) so that you can check the quality of the video. Moreover, we proceed further only after getting your approval on each stage. But, after getting the approval from your side, it becomes very difficult for us to make any changes/modifications.

What is your payment terms:

50% payment in advance before starting the work.

50% payment after completion of the work.

And we also send a contract/agreement to you for your acceptance.

What are your charges?

Our charges are £300 to £550 for only 1 min.  Basically, it depends on the style and quality of the video. So, please let us know which quality/style you like from our portfolio so that we can give the proper quotation.

In which format you can deliver the video.

We can deliver the video in the format which you want. FLV , WMV, MOV ,MP4, H.264 and also we deliver you the full HD file 1920 x 1080.

File Upload :

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