Live action Explainer video production company

Live action Explainer video production company

Explainer videos have become one of the most integrated tool which is used by companies to popularize their services cum products to their prospects. Live action Explainer video production company.

Explainer videos are short, fun and informative which engages their audience and boosts their conversion to a significant level.

In the last couple of years, there has been a huge increment in companies using the explainer videos and the graph is growing exponentially. Not only established enterprises like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo but also start ups are motivated enough that they stretch their budget to get an explainer video for their brand.

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But when it comes to going for an explainer video for the brand, a confusion which almost every company faces is that which type of animated explainer video they should use for their company, which fits best for their products and services.

To choose the animated explainer video, a lot of analysis is required which decided the type of audience which needs to be targeted for what product and services as each company has a set of varying products.

Types of explainer videos

  1. 2 D Animation
  2. 3 D Animation
  3. 5 D Animation
  4. Stop Motion Explainer Video
  5. Live Action Explainer video
  6. Infographic
  7. White Board Animation
  8. Typography Animation
  9. Music only Animation
  10. Testimonial
  11. Screen Cast Animation
  12. iPod – iPhone Apps

All these types are interesting, filled with fun and has their own attributes to make them unique and innovative. Out of the big lot of animated explainer videos, one of the special type is Live Action Explainer Video.

One of the best part about Live Action Explainer Video is that it does not include much animation in it. It is nothing much a live video which is recorded by real people using a video camera. To accomplish a successful and awesome live action video, a professional setup is required which includes actors, crew, editors and a proper production process. One of the primary attribute of the live video is that it’s budget does not reach too high like white board animation and stop motion animation videos.

It is kind of similar to TV marketing videos. Quite often, 3D elements are used in the video to bring tracking of the video which gives rise to endless possibilities. It is mostly used by companies who aims to build a personal relation between potential customers and them by showing real people in real scenes.

It is best fit for promoting the products cum services as they can be demonstrated in real way using live action videos.

Companies like Demo Duck, Bode Animation, Sandwich Video, Sway Production are the top notch companies who have produced some of the most amazing and high quality live action videos which have engaged a huge amount of audience for companies and have brought a significant amount of customers for the brands.

Screen Cast videos and Testimonial video are also the sub types of live action videos. In a testimonial video, a satisfied customer talk about the products and how it helped it in fulfilling his needs. It catches the best attention of prospect and the customer gains confidence as their peers have already used it.

In a screen cast video, it is best used when the company wants to demonstrate a software product or app. It provides the in depth view to the customer that how to use the platform in the best possible manner. It may also be considered as a tutorial and how to videos.

The live action videos have got a special place in the arena of explainer videos.

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