Companies that make explainer videos

Companies that make explainer videos

In the fast changing world at present, to stand out in the highly competitive corporate world, it takes some innovative and special efforts and brand should be represented to the audience in such a way that they find it worth viewing and find it entertaining and informative too.

To achieve all these goals, the concept of explainer video arrived from no where almost a decade back. In 2007, the world’s top micro blogging website Twitter used an explainer video for the first time to demonstrate its users to how to use it. The video was produced by a company Common Craft and the video became so successful and an instant hit that it amazed Twitter too. It got more than 10 million views and after then, almost every one started to use it on their products.

An Explainer Video is a fun, short and informative video whose duration is in between 1 to 3 minutes and solves the complex problems with ease and serves an easy solution to the viewers. Over many studies, the fact that can be concluded from this suggest that after using explainer videos as a marketing strategy, the companies have got a hike of 10% to 50% in the business.

Explainer video company
Explainer video company

These Explainer Videos are created by various companies all around the globe and holds the actual brains who are creative and expert enough to think out the box and produce videos that go viral in a flash.

Some of the top amazing companies that make Explainer Videos are:

  1. Again Studios –

They are considered to be the best explainer video company. The world’s leading companies have got their project completed by them which includes Google, TD Bank, Tom Tom, Merit Nation and many others. They work on the simple philosophy to make the words reach to the customers in loud and clear manner. They understand the importance of marketing strategy and using video as a powerful tool to reach to more and more people and has the ability to change the way in which people think and feel the things around them. They take work as a fun and enjoys with their clients.

Their success mantra is that they combine strategy, creativity and technical excellence, thus resulting in creation of successful videos. They produce their work keeping the vision of the company in mind and also keeping an eye on what exactly people are looking from brands these days. They don’t follow the traditional style of working and chooses their own style and sheets. They have a vision that each website will have its own intro video on its home page.


Connect to Again Studios –
Again Studios Pvt Ltd
1265, Kamla Nagar, Panchkula – 133302


  1. Simple Story Videos – – h3

The company Simple Story Videos was started 5 years back, in 2011 and have covered more than 400 projects and have worked with amazing brands in the process. They have created amazing explainer videos not only for tech start ups but also for international enterprises. When they began their journey, they were a small team with big breams and the people inside them worked really hard to reach where they are today. They have produced some of the most amazing work in process of becoming a video agency from a video studio. The key features which put them in the list of top explainer video companies is that they understand the use case initially and appeals to the audience in such a way that the targeting sets at the right point.


Connect to the Simple Story Videos
176, Rideau St. Suite 300
Ottawa, Canada


The field of explainer video has become really diverse and vast and consist a golden opportunity for those who have a great sense of designing and can think out of the box.

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