Why the Explainer video is profitable at the time of pitching

Why the Explainer video is profitable at the time of pitching

In the age of digital media, when the internet has emerged out as a necessity for people, it has become the powerful medium to connect to people and share things with them. Explainer video.

In the modern time, it has become easy to do business and connect to prospect to increase the sales and boost the business. But every coin has two faces. Here the second face of the coin elaborates that though the process to do the business has become a lot easier but it is also true that there has been a cut throat competition in the market among many companies.

Now there not conventional companies exist, but the presence of startups have made a huge revolution in the corporate sector. Especially after the launch of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, the culture of the startups increased a lot and the Silicon Valley saw the dawn of so many amazing startups over the years.

Why the Explainer video is profitable at the time of pitching
Why the Explainer video is profitable at the time of pitching

Even in India, there has been a big evolution as far as the startup culture is concerned and India has produced some of the finest and youngest entrepreneurs the world has ever seen. The Indian PM also supports the startup culture and has initiated a policy called “Start Up India – Stand Up India” to promote the entrepreneurship culture.

But since every startup is a small scale business and either it is self-funded or requires funding from the investors to boost their business to a big scale.

But to pitch the startup and getting big investment and having the angel investors is not an easy thing. It’s important to have a quality product which will help in serving to the community and make the life of people better. But having a quality product alone does not help the startup. What it requires is to reach people in an optimized way and educate them about their concept so that they can boost their sales and expand their business.

In order to achieve the above goal, they should have a well analyzed marketing strategy. In present time, there have been many advertising strategies which are used by the startups which help them a lot in completing their business goals.

One of the primary marketing strategy which is used by the startups is explainer videos.

An explainer video is the short video which is created to ‘explain’ the concept of the company to the people and promote their products and services.

These videos lasts for 90 to 150 seconds and serves the basic and important functionality of the company to the prospects in the most interesting way. That is the reason that these videos easily engages a huge audience. They help them in clearing all the queries of the people which help them in connecting to the organization.

The explainer videos also helps the companies in improving their brand value as they ingest the data of the company in a different way.

In many studies, it has been revealed that the effective and efficient use of the explainer videos boosts the sales of companies by a margin of up to 60% which is an astonishing figure.

Also, these explainer videos help the startups at the time of pitching and helps them in gaining huge investments from the investors.

The explainer video is the best business presentation which can be presented at the time of pitching and gives the best impression to the investors.

By these factors, the explainer videos helps the companies in pitching their startups and take it to the new level.

Explainer videos helps the companies to grow their business and also turns useful in the time of pitching to get the investments from the investors.

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