Why people prefer explainers videos in comparison to Live shoot video?

Why people prefer explainers videos in comparison to Live shoot video?

As the time is progressing, the way to represent things have changed a lot. Also, in the age of internet, people have become a lot more smart and innovative and it has made them mature to think what is right and what is wrong for them.

In the digital media, the internet has become the center of attraction for everyone and almost 2 billion people are using internet in one way or other.

In a very smart move, the companies and the large organizations have also capitalized on the internet as a premier market to target more people and find new potential customers.


In order to do so, companies have focused on many new marketing strategies such as video marketing, digital marketing and many more.

Video marketing is one the method which has been able to attract the attention of audience easily and that is the reason that the video marketing has emerged out as the most preferred choice for the companies. In video marketing, the style of explainer videos have become the most popular and people also loves their presence. Thus, the explainer videos have become the first choice for the companies when they have to choose one style from the video marketing domain.

An explainer video is a short video which is used to explain the concept of a company to the people and promote the services and products offered by them. These videos are made up of text, animation, motion, graphics and sound etc. which makes them interesting. That is why the explainer videos have an amazing ability to engage a huge audience with ease.

People prefer explainer videos than the live shoot video

There are very strong reason which work in the favor of the explainer videos which make them the first choice for the viewers and the producers rather than the live shoot videos.

Some of the reasons to choose explainer videos are –

  1. Meaning content in short time

One of the major issue with the other forms of content and the live shoot video is that they are quite boring and does not deliver the correct information from the go. This drawback is eliminated in the explainer videos. In these videos, the primary focus is always laid on the basic and important functions and they are served to the viewer within a span of few seconds. Also, since these videos uses animation in them, hence an entertaining element is also added to it.


In the explainer video, the content is delivered to the viewer in not only the informative way but also fun way too.


  1. Solves all the queries

When a visitor visits the official website of the company or watches the live shoot video, many queries come up and whose solution is generally unclear in these options. Here also, the explainer videos turn out to be handy as these videos serves a simple solution for the queries of the viewer and the presence of call to action in the end of video makes the job easier for the viewer and they can easily get in touch with the company later on.


  1. Gives them reason to purchase

This is one of the best quality of the explainer video. These videos gives the viewer a strong reason that why they should opt the products or services of the company which is generally missing in the live shoot videos.


This is why the people gives preference to the explainer videos rather than the live shoot videos in business.


explainer videos have become very popular and have emerged out as the preferred choice for the people despite being the presence of the live shoot videos.

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