Why every startup needs explainer video, is it helpful in pitching time

Why every startup needs explainer video, is it helpful in pitching time

In the current age of modernization and globalization, the startup culture is the next big thing of the century and everyone is getting interested into starting their own venture instead of having a regular job.

But having a startup is not the only big thing. The real challenge begins afterwards. To have a great product which solves the problem of the people is the soul of any start up but the heart of any company lies in their marketing strategy. It is that aspect of the business which connects them with the people, allows them to demonstrate their services to their prospects, solving their queries, giving them reasons that why they should turn into their customers and by giving them a perfect response, turning them into potential customers which keeps on returning to them.

In order to have an effective and result oriented advertising strategy, the companies try many tactics and evolve innovative ideas to lure people towards then. One of such strategy is explainer videos.

An explainer video is a short duration which elaborates the concept of the startup to the people and advertise the services and products offered by them to the people. These videos are short in length and serves a simple solution to the user and eliminates all the complexities which a visitor usually face when they visit the website of the brand.

The explainer videos are made up of the combination of the text, animation, graphics, motion, sound etc. which make them stand out from the traditional videos and the conventional text.

How explainer videos helps the startups

The working of the explainer videos is behind the principle of brain science which says that if the available tools and resources are used in an effective way, the explainer videos turn out to be a powerful medium to deliver the message to the masses. They uses the auditory and visual sense in them which makes them attracting and catches the attention of viewer easily. That is why these videos have the capability to engage a huge audience with ease.

Increased brand value on social media and search engine

Also, these videos not only engage the visitors on the websites but also improves the online presence of the brand on the social media and the search engine. When it comes to social media, the explainer video catches the content of the visitor and if he finds the video interesting, he will share it on his timeline with other friends which will lead to get the video viral and more people will get connected to the website automatically.

Also, as the algorithm of the Google is updating constantly, they also promote the video content on the websites and helps the websites with video content to rank better in the search results over those links which have text content only.

Why every startup needs explainer video, is it helpful in pitching time
Why every startup needs explainer video, is it helpful in pitching time

Boost in the conversion rates

This is the primary attribute of the explainer videos. They not only catches the attraction of the people and brings additional value to the brand, but they also provide the reason to the people that why they should become their customers.

In a study it has been found that on using explainer videos in the business, the conversions boost by a factor of 10% to 50% which is a significant figure.

These factors supports the use of explainer videos in the startup business and increase their brand value. Hence when it comes to pitching up and getting investment from investors, a positive image about the startup is formed in their mind and they also feel confident to invest their hard earned money in the business and help them to take it to the new level.


Explainer videos do miracles for the companies if used well and help startup in getting huge investments during the pitching time as they set a perfect base of marketing for them.

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