Animated explainer video company for startup

Animated explainer video company for startup

In the age of digital media and the cut throat competition among companies, it has become essential for them to have a strong presence among customers and need to have smart and innovative ideas to lure them towards the services and products offered by them.
If the past one decade is considered, not only the number of users have multiplied by a big number, but also the number of start ups have increased.
A start up is a newly established business and in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, the fever of the startup culture is at its peak. Especially in India, many thousand new start ups have been started within the last 5 years and after Mr. Narendra Modi, PM, India initiated the “Start Up India – Stand Up India” movement, the craze of the ecosystem has increased a lot and more people are now willing to go for their own venture rather than going for a conventional job.
It has become important for the founders of these startup to understand that having a great product does not guarantee the success of the venture and in order to make huge profit, they need to have huge people with them who would be following them on the social media, taking services from them and returning to them as potential customers.
In order to accomplish all the above things, its important for the startup to have a strong marketing strategy with them. But they can’t copy the footprint of the traditional business here. Gone are those days when having stylish images printed in newspapers or giving a 30 second ad in TV will make things easy for the companies.
The audience have become a lot more smart and mature and now they critically analyze the things before moving onto any specific product or service.
So it becomes important for the startup to figure out some unique ways to target the audience and engage them to their platform so that their brand value can increase and their conversions boost. One of the technique which is used by the start up and the companies is explainer videos and the animated videos.

Animated video for startup
Animated video for startup

Animated videos for the startups

The animated videos or the animated explainer videos are the short videos which are created in such a way that they explains the concept of the company to the people and promote their products and services among the people.
These videos are made up using the combination of graphics, motion, text, animation, sound etc. which makes them stand out from the traditional videos. The animated videos not only educates the people about the company and their concept in the best possible manner but also accomplish the process with entertaining elements.
The average duration of an animated video is 90 to 120 seconds. These videos integrate the auditory and visual sense in them which makes them a very powerful medium which is used to deliver the message to people. That is why these animated videos are very successful in engaging huge audience with ease.
However, in order to create an animated video, a handy amount of investment is required as the animated video is generally created by a professional team.
Apparently, the cost of the video can be reduced if some of the activities are accomplished by the team itself or free lancers are hired for that.
If the tools and resources are used to effective and efficient level, these videos helps a lot in upbringing the brand value for any start up and boosts the sales of the company by a significant level.
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The marketing section is always critical for any start up and using animated videos for the advertising of their products and services is always beneficial for the startup to boost their business.

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