2D animation explainer video company in India

2D animation explainer video company in India

The explainer videos have gained popularity all around the world and have caught the attention of people and companies from all around the world. All enterprises – small or large have changed the way they promoted their business till now and have started to opt explainer videos as their primary tool and create a strong online presence. 2D animation explainer video company in India.

The explainer videos are the small videos which ‘explains’ the concepts of a company to people in an entertaining way and serves a simple solution for complex problems.

The companies have multiple options to choose from various kinds of explainer videos. There are total 12 type of explainer videos, each of them having their own pros and cons and used for different types of businesses and for different types of audience.

Out of all these videos, one type which is very popular and used worldwide is 2D Animated videos. The reason which makes 2D animation very popular and people use it all around the globe is that they are very easy to create and are not too expensive as well.

In the 2D animation explainer videos, the scenes and characters are used in a 2 dimensional space using perspective in order to create an illusion that looks real. These videos are mainly used in B2B and B2C business interactions.

The 2D animation explainer videos are used for following purposes:

a) Business intros
b) Products intros
c) Story Narrating
d) Training
e) Explainers
f) Software demo
g) Product demo
h) Process demo

The 2D animation videos are widely used in India and there are many companies in India who create awesome 2D animated videos for their clients.

Top 2D animation companies in India

1. Magic Spangle – www.magicspangle.com
A company based in New Delhi have got specialization in all kinds of explainer videos but their strength lies in 2D animation videos. They have got Samsung, Aircel, KPMG, Media Heads as their clients who are more than satisfied with the work done by the Magic Spangle for them. The company also provides services in game designing, web development, graphic designing, films and TV series and so many other things as well. They have got a small in house team which is highly enthusiastic and ready for all types of challenges. They call their office as ‘art place’ where creative minds reside.
Get in touch to Magic Spangle –
1st Floor
A26, Chattarpur Extension
New Delhi, India

2. Vibgyor 360 – www.vibgyor360.com

A company set up in Bangalore in India offers exemplary imaging services and amazing animation for their clients. They use all the latest technology available and changes their style of work with passage of time. They are known as the flagship of the solutions they provide to their clients and strives to get better with each their project they accomplish.
Their aim is to change the perception of global entertainment in India and in order to do so, they have got a highly talented team. Apart from 2D animation, they provide services in 3D animation and VFX as well.
Connect to Vibgyor360
177, 5th Road, Defense Layout
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

3. Gateway Animedia – www.gatewayanimedia.com

Gateway antimedia Works was established by Gateway Techno Labs after tie up with Media Flavors. Within a span of 10 years, they have delivered animation of more than 3500 minutes of animation successfully. Their success can be drawn from the fact that they have got the projects from top brands like Cartoon Network, Pogo and so many top notch brands and they keep giving them projects as they loves their commitment towards work.

2D animation videos are used all around the world as they are very easy to create and don’t uses much budget. There are many 2D animated companies in India with top being Vibgyor360, Gateway aniMedia and Magic Spangle.

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