Why people like explainer video instead of reading website text

Hello Guys! Today we talk about Why people like explainer video instead of reading website text. Explainer video is a very important part of marketing.

This is the best method of presenting your product or service to the target audience. The time that we spend online, surfing on internet, most of it is devoted to videos. This is the reason why explainer videos are gaining popularity day by day.

Explainer videos provide an effective way pf growing your business and advertising it in a most effective manner. This creates a necessity for the existence of an explainer video. Here are a few reasons why Animated explainer video company are essential in today’s scenario:

Today’s world is stuffed with digital technologies. Now, people feel it waste of time if someone comes to them to explain them about their product and this is a very outdated way of marketing your product or service. Everything is just becoming online.

Whatever you want to do, want to learn, want to book tickets of films, travel, or make payments to various merchants and paying bills, everything is just a click away now. This thing is also applied to marketing. Now digital marketing (which includes social media marketing, email marketing etc.) is more favoured  than posting banners, conducting seminars etc. This is the era of online marketing.

This is the reason why explainer videos are gaining popularity. Now you need not go to any person physically, telling him the benefits of your product or service all the day, irrespective of the wet or sunny weather.

Just make an explainer video, which is as short as possible and precisely explains about the idea of your products or services and spam it to the online media. This will cover a huge amount of target audience as compared to physical promotion.



Making explainer video and promoting it online saves your money to a large extent as if we involve people in marketing, then we have to pay them and as we expand the area of our promotion, this will increase the cost. So, online video marketing saves your money to a large extent



Explainer video making not only saves your money and expands your target audience, but also saves your time as going to different places physically and promoting it to a large target area will take a lot of time and if the target area is a big place then it becomes practically impossible to make promotion online.

This thing becomes very tough when the company or organization is just started.

During the initial period, the company is insufficient in both, man power and money. So, it becomes practically impossible to publicize your product or service. This is the time where online promotion through explainer video seems to be the best thing for them.

They just need to make an awesome video, as short as possible and perfectly explaining the idea in the best way.

These are the three major factors why explainer videos are important in today’s scenario.


Jonty Khandelwal
Jonty Khandelwal

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