Animated explainer video company

Animated explainer video company

Why animation industry is booming day by day

I am sure you all have known about animation these days. People are making wonders using this powerful tool of animations. Not only in India, but within the whole world, this animation is being favoured these days. Animation has created a revolution in today’s arena. Not only that, many people nowadays have switched their interest to animation, like watching animated T.V. series or movies etc. instead of the normal movies or T.V. series. This transition clearly shows the dominance of animation industry and also tells about its sound scope in the near future. Animated explainer video company.

Now, let me talk about the inclusion of animation in advertisements and marketing sectors, here it goes:

Pictures speak more than words and videos speak more than a picture. Means that if you are explaining someone through a video, then it will appear as more appealing to the public and target audience and will give an everlasting impression over the public than any other means like documentation, pictures, etc. Animated explainer video company.

Explainer videos are the best ways to represent your products, services or ideas to the viewers. There are the best methods to increase the sales of any organization as videos are liked by almost everyone and this point of videos  help our ideas to reach maximum possible audience. We can apply many interesting techniques like 2D, 2.5D or 3D animation techniques, stop motion etc. which can help to improve the quality of our video and make it pleasing to be viewed by the viewers. Animated explainer video company.

Animated explainer video company
Animated explainer video company

The sales increase because of the following reason. When we include videos to our web sites, this will increase the amount of time we are spending on a website which will improve our search ranking (according to google algorithm, if you spend more time on any website, it will improve your google search ranking and your google search ranking is nearly same as that of other browsers, so the frequency of visitors will also increase and all these factors will collectively improve your sales).

Through an explainer video, your business idea is just explained within seconds in a trustworthy way, that is, you need not rely on long and boring documentations in order to know about the products and services offered by an organization or to get the gist of their motives, that too within seconds. Even complex frameworks can also be explained with ease. Just improve the graphics, add animations and make it as interesting and as funny, as much it can be.

Also, making an explainer video will attract online audience. We know that online marketing covers a lot more viewers as compared to offline marketing. So, our product will reach to a wide variety of people, not only at our place but across any location wherever we want. The cost that we used to spend on physically making advertisements and promotions will also come down as we can do everything online. And definitely, don’t forget to include SEO in your website which will act as a catalyst to your rankings. All these will increase our reach to the people and ultimately increase the sales.

Animated explainer video company
Animated explainer video company

The explainer video production will also help to develop your brand. As the target audience will be attracted towards the video and they will understand the necessity why they should take your product or service. As a matter of fact, a video is more trustworthy and appealing to the target audience, so it will definitely help an organization to grow in a better way.

From brand love, we mean to say that we should add such kinds of animations and customized characters and text to our website, such that it should be appealing to the public and more and more people should be attracted to watch it. This way helps our idea to flow flexibly among the clients. The reason is simple, when the video is made appealing to the people or we can say that if the video is made “User-Friendly”, then they will get a feel that the organization understands them and this is a very strong lead that every company wants to develop between them and their clients. This also helps to generate permanent customers .

This is a proven fact that an explainer video can improve the sales and conversion rates by 20% as a video helps to increase brand awareness and brand love which will gather the target audience and will act as a lead to improve the sales.

Animated explainer video company

How long an explainer video can attract the attention of the audience?

Animated explainer video company
Animated explainer video company

This world is slowly getting busy. People don’t have time to meet their relatives and dear ones. Not only this, even the big businessmen and personalities meet their own children once or twice in a month. Let me relate one fact here, when Osama Bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, people living nearby him were shocked when they came to know that their neighbour was someone who was the most wanted criminals of the world. This was because they never interacted with their neighbours and the reason was their busy lives and time constraints.

You might me thinking about why I am telling about such stories and the busy lives of people! Does it make any sense here? So the answer is- Yes, it does. I was just trying to tell everyone that in today’s lifestyle, if you want to interact with someone, you have to be quick, precise and interesting because people don’t have enough time to interact with everyone and they find it difficult to invest time in you. In the meanwhile, you will have to be interesting as well so that the listener or the viewers does not run away by listening to you or your boring stuff.

Animated explainer video company in India

The same thing applies to marketing and advertisement sector as well. Now let us go in the field of marketing and advertisements, which is a wonderful asset gifted by internet. Digital Marketing is the digital way of promoting or advertising your product or services in front of the public. Digital marketing has several aspects like social media marketing, which involves the promotion of your product or service through the use of social media platforms like twitter, facebook, instagram etc. Another aspect known as E-mail Marketing, which involves gathering the e-mail addresses of the people and then spamming their products or services to the users through their e-mail addresses.

One important aspect of Digital Marketing is Explainer videos. An explainer video is the one which is used to introduce your product or service in the market. Now you don’t need to visit places in order to promote or advertise your product. This process needed a lot of people and company had to make a huge investment for advertisements. This method was unfavorable in two senses- firstly, it was time consuming process and secondly, this method was costly as many people were involved in this process. But with the development of an explainer video, things have been changed. Just Launch an explainer video and spam it through various social media platforms and you are done.

Now, companies or organizations use explainer videos to promote their products or services and spread positive vibes in the market. This is seen as a favorable step towards marketing and advertisement as people don’t have enough time to read the long and boring documentations about the products or services. They will feel a burden if you will give them a long textual format to know about anything. This practice was uprooted with the introduction of explainer videos.

Now, the question arises, how much to make an explainer video? An explainer video is not easy to make, it requires skilled hands to develop a perfect explainer video. A huge investment is also required to make a cool explainer video. If you want a high quality explainer video, the cost will go up. People spend a hefty amount of money to make the explainer videos because it is the explainer video which gives first impression about your company or brand and no company or startup will want to spoil its impression in the eyes of viewers. The cost generally ranges from $350 to $35,000.

On moving forward, we are confronted with another question, what should be the ideal video length of an explainer video?

Now, this is a well known fact that the people these days are so busy in doing their work that they do not have enough time for other stuff. So, keeping in mind this fact, the ideal length of an explainer video will be very clear into your minds.
Giving a clearer picture, an explainer video of ideal length lasts for about 90 seconds. But the cases may differ. There are cases where a video of small length is also favorable and other cases where a big video as long as three minutes is suitable.

So, this is the game of circumstances and the idea or the business plan that we want to share with our audience which plays a key role in deciding ideal explainer video length. Animated explainer video company.

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