Animated cheap explainer video company in India


Explainer videos are very important tools in the field of marketing and promotion. They have taken the world by storm as a means to deliver the message or business plan of a company in a simple, entertaining and user friendly manner. Companies are very concerned about the type of explainer videos that they should launch in order to introduce their products or services to their audience. Explainer videos decide the impression of the new products or services launched in the market. They are very important tools which help the companies to spread positive vibes about their new launches, or sometimes when the company launches itself (like startups). So, explainer videos play a crucial role in the field of marketing.  Animated cheap explainer video company in India.

Animated cheap explainer video company in India
Animated cheap explainer video company in India

While reading about all these, I am sure you might have encountered with a question that if these videos are so important for a company or organization, then why not all the big and small companies have explainer videos? Why not each and every launch (be it big or small) initiated with an explainer video. The answer lies in the text described below, which discusses not only about the pros of an explainer video, but also about its cons.

The first merit about explainers is that it is the pictorial representation of your thoughts, ideas or business plans. These can be easily understood by the target audience owing to the fact that a video has far greater capability to make things understand than anything else. You can quickly get whatever the video is trying to explain you without much effort. They are quite convincing also, as they are made in such a way that the company understands you and the videos try to grab you emotionally and finally succeeds to win your trust. They are very straightforward.
But at the same time, making an explainer video is very expensive. The cost of making an explainer video ranges from $350 to $35,000, which is very high for the budding companies or startups. So, not everyone can afford to make an explainer video. And if you want to add high quality graphics embedded with special animation effects, then this would further add up to the cost.

Animated cheap explainer video company in India

Yet another thing that a company should keep in mind is that the video should not be misunderstood by the viewers at any cost. Proper care should be taken to ensure that the message is delivered in a right sense and people understand it in the way the company tries to explain them.


Now, another advantage comes for the videos against text as the textual information is too boring to read and time consuming as well. Many people have short attention spans, so they cannot pay attention to reading big textual information. This is the place where videos can keep hold of their attention.

But as in the previous case, the same demerit falls here. The videos are too expensive, so many times companies do not make videos, and instead, they sum up all the information in the textual format, which is quite boring but saves a lot of money.


Another merit is that explainer videos try to simplify your product or the message that the company wants to deliver. While talking about the stylized ads, they try to create a mood of the audience and appeal to their emotions. Now, talking about introducing entirely new products, these ads risk of confusing the audience while explainers can simply make their audience understand whatever they want to deliver.

But on the contrary, stylized ads can attract their viewers emotionally to buy the luxurious products such as perfumes or beverages etc, as compared to these explainer videos, which are weak from the view of capturing their audiences’ emotional instinct.

These paragraphs clearly explain the pros and cons of the explainer videos.

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