Explainer video company in india

Explainer video company in india

What is story boarding and what are the benefits in explainer video

Explainer videos are gaining popularity in the world of online digital marketing. They are used as a powerful tool to represent the product of the company or its services to the target audience. Companies are using various techniques to enhance their explainer videos, as they are aware of the fact that an explainer video is one of the first few things that the clients view in order to know about the company. The first impression of the company depends on the explainer videos and how they present their ideas in front of the audience. They do not want to spoil it at any cost. So, the companies use various techniques like whiteboard, typography, stop motion, 2D, 2.5D, 3D techniques, live action techniques etc. in order to make their video as appealing as possible. Along with explainer videos, comes the name of storyboard, let’s learn about it in detail. Explainer video company in india.

A storyboard is something which tells about the visual aspects and actions that are present within the video. A storyline can be considered as a combination of camera shots and transitions stuffed with the actions in a video. Hence, a storyboard is a crucial stage of animated video production.

Animated Explainer video company in india

Now, we will discuss about three different sections of a storyboard:



This is one of the most important factors of storyboard. The frames are rough and still images which indicate the future shots of the video. The visual composition can be properly arranged within these frames. These visual compositions include the arrangement of images and characters, actions performed by those characters, camera angles and other visual details.



Although a frame is an important part of the video, yet a frame alone is not enough to explain what is happening in the video at that particular instant of time. So, here we feel the requirement of descriptions. At a certain time, the director can include texts at the bottom or at any other suitable position to tell the viewers what is being displayed on the screen or what is going to happen further. This simply portrays what is happening in the video.  With the help of descriptions, we can easily demonstrate our business plan and make it simple and easy for the viewers to understand about the plan. All these things must be conducted by the voice over.



At the bottom of every discussion, a space is left behind. This space is particularly for the voice over speech. At this place, you will see the words that the actor will speak throughout that particular moment in the video. Based on the words spoken by that actor, we will come to know about the time that will be taken to complete certain action in that frame.

Explainer video company in india
Explainer video company in india

Different explainer video has different storyboards, according to their business plans. People use exact amount of frames and particularly oriented format (horizontal or vertical). We should always keep this in mind that the consecutive frames should be numbered accordingly. Also, the voice over of each frame should be measured. This measurement is done in order to ensure that the time frame that is set for a particular shot is enough to narrate the incident or not.

One more thing that should be noted is that the description should be clear enough. If these things are performed, our idea will easily flow through the minds of the viewers. Explainer video company in india

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