Animated explainer videos company in India


An explainer video is one which can explain about your product precisely within seconds. You just need to go through it and you will be carried away with it as it develops your interest towards it. Explainer video can be of different types. Basically an explainer video is the best marketing strategy which is utilized by the companies to capture the target audience and promote their brands, products or services. An explainer video can be as simple as we can make it, and it should be of short duration and should be able to present the concept of the video precisely. By the years, this concept has gained popularity. This marketing strategy has emerged as a perfect tool for promotion. Animated explainer videos company in India


There are a lot of options that a person can choose in order to make an interesting and eye-catching explainer video. The user can choose among many options that he can select from. These include 2-D animations, 3-D animations, stop motion, whiteboard animations, live action explainer videos etc. These styles come with a wide variety of features and can be used for various startups, companies or business plans. These features will surely brighten your ideas into the eyes of viewers.

Animated explainer videos company in India
Animated explainer videos company in India

Now, the question arises, how much to make an explainer video? An explainer video is not easy to make, it requires skilled hands to develop a perfect explainer video. A huge investment is also required to make a cool explainer video. If you want a high quality explainer video, the cost will go up. People spend a hefty amount of money to make the explainer videos because it is the explainer video which gives first impression about your company or brand and no company or startup will want to spoil its impression in the eyes of viewers.


A high cost explainer video is the one which is produced by investing a big sum of money in making it. In a high cost explainer video, there is a team of skilled people who are expert in various domains of making an explainer video. Someone decides the plot, someone decides the sequence, someone adds the background effects while someone performs the overall finishing of the explainer video. The together develop the idea into a visual format.

Animated explainer videos company in India

The basic thing around which the whole explainer video runs is the planning part of an explainer video. More emphasis is made on making the explainer video as effective as it can be, it should be short and compact. The video should prove a solution to the viewers and it should be worth to them. Another thing which is a reason for the increased cost is its high quality. Means that the video will be result oriented , more focus will be given to the outcomes of the video which will ensure that your products will reach to the public in an effective way to the people.


On the other hand, a low cost explainer video is the one which is developed by investing a small amount of money on their development. Many graphics and effects are eliminated in order to make it cost effective. The low cost explainer videos are mostly made by the companies themselves or the work is given to some freshers who charge less money as compared to experienced developers. Mostly, low cost videos are chosen by those companies which are in their budding stages like startups.

The above paragraphs clearly differentiate between the two kinds of explainer videos. Animated explainer videos company in India

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