Why film making is important and what are the rules of film making

Why film making is important and what are the rules of film making

Film making is the process of the making a film and is also known as film craft or film production.

The process of filmmaking includes a number of stages without which it will not be possible to come up with a meaningful cinema. The stages are idea, story, script writing, casting, shooting, sound recording, editing, screening, publicity and then the final product is presented to the audience in the cinema theatres.

The filmmaking is done in all parts of the world and is one of the best source to entertain people, spread the message and these films are created on all the aspects and sections of society. It involves a lot of people and take several months or couple of years to complete.

Importance of filmmaking

The filmmaking is very necessary. The movies are the powerful medium which are used to spread social messages and bring a change in the mentality of people towards any context. They also educate them, entertain them and help them in many ways. Also, the filmmaking arena is very attracting and endorse a lot of investment in it. It is one of the most promising career. The filmmaking attracts advertisers in huge amount and the commercial business also have a wide scope.

Why film making is important and what are the rules of film making
Why film making is important and what are the rules of film making

Golden rules of film making

The process of creation of a film is an art. It takes lot of patience and continuous efforts to produce the magnificent cinema. Hence it is important to take care of many things and follow certain rules which makes the process of film making easy and effective. Let us look at some of the rules of film making.

  1. There is one choice out of two – either you can make movies or you can do business. If you want to get more money, don’t hesitate, there are lots of opportunities in making huge money through film making but then the fun part will end.
  2. Always keep in mind that continuity is overrated.
  3. If the plan is to shoot for the day for night, check that the sun is shining.
  4. Before you plan to say “cut”, wait for few more seconds.
  5. Rain only shows on the screen when you backlight it.
  6. Some actors should never be forced to loop their dialogues.
  7. Keep your rough cut speech, your cast and the screening speech and the Academy award speech short.
  8. It is not a best idea to employ the couples.
  9. Why you want to sit in your trailer while the crew is working to make things better.
  10. Prepare yourself to get rid of your favorite shot during the editing part.
  11. If you have an actor who feels comfortable with every take while there is one who gets opposite, make sure that they meet in the middle of the plot. The option to recast should always be present.
  12. Sometimes a beautiful images can be a worst thing which may occur in a scene.
  13. Films reveals the invisible, but the willingness to let it show must be always there.
  14. The more you know about the concept of film making, the harder it becomes to leave the knowledge behind.
  15. Less make up is always a good choice,
  16. Fewer words are better.
  17. Having a tight schedule is difficult. But having too much is always worse.
  18. There are exactly no rules. Every concept has its own demands, keep your mind cool and follow the heart to get your work in the right pace.

These are the rules of the film making.

Film making is the process of making a film. Films are very important for society and certain rules should be followed before creating any film. Read the rules of film making.

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