Why Company Needs Explainer Videos

Why Company Needs Explainer Videos


Explainer video has emerged out to be the most optimized technique used in the promotion of brands and businesses as it gives the liberty to them to demonstrate their products cum services to the consumers in the easiest possible way. An explainer video is a short, informative and fun video whose duration is in between 2-4 minutes and conveys the message to the audience in the most effective way.

Reasons Company Needs Explainer Videos 

The reason why companies have left the traditional method to promote business and started to opt the explainer video may be given as:

  1. Easy to Understand – emphasize

This is the primary attribute of an explainer video which stands them out from the conventional video industry. The explainer video engages the viewer as it uses both auditory and visual enhancements, thus making it attractive for the viewer.


  1. Conversion Rates Improved in Unexpected Manner – emphasize

If the idea is implemented properly and the animation is used in an effective manner than the conversion rates increases by a significant level, which is the ultimate point for any business. In some of the studies, it has been figured out than whenever an explainer video is used to demonstrate the products and services to customers, the conversions have increased from 10% to 50%. With the written content, the reader gets bored after an extent of time and thus opening the vulnerability of his arrival again, but an explainer video is short, funny and conveys the message in the smartest way.


  1. Fun, Engaging and Interesting- emphasize

The explainer video is way different than the conventional videos and the reason which create the difference is the presence of fun element in them. An explainer video is not only short, but also very funny too and the viewer gets an instant smile on the face after watching it. Thus, it engages the viewer with the content.

animated video for businesses
Mobile app explainer video
  1. Improves Search Presence (SEO) – Part of Search Engine Algo – – emphasize

It is one of the most prominent factor because of which the companies are investing a lot in this sector as well. With the presence of high quality and engaging videos, it not only attracts the millions of viewers but also appeals to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and many others and thus the page rank and site value increases drastically.


  1. More Social- emphasize

Since these videos are small in duration and catches the attraction of audience too, thus they find it worth sharing over various social networking platforms. In the age of digital media, people share such content on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and help in making the video go viral over the internet. By such efforts, the content goes trending over the internet. This has been a major marketing strategy for companies at present.


  1. Clarifies Objective of the Product- emphasize

Text content is also tricky and with people having different mind sets and perceptions, the written content is also misinterpreted. Here, the explainer video helps in the most efficient manner as they eliminate this feature. It just simply elaborates the idea of the product cum services which the company is providing and user find it very much help full to understand the things at the first go.


  1. Generate Increased Interest- emphasize

With the passage of time, more and more companies have shifted their way from traditional marketing approach to the advanced video explainer mode and with the availability of big data, the companies have successfully able to drive the campaigns and thus ask the developers to create the videos in that manner only.


These are some of the major reasons through which the companies are opting for explainer videos.

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