Animated mobile app explainer video

Animated mobile app explainer video


Animated mobile app explainer video are of various kinds. There are 2D animation videos, 2.5 D animation videos, 3D animation videos, live action explainer videos, whiteboard Animated explainer videos, kinetic typography and a few more. Now if you have mobile apps for your business and you are trying to market your app through explainer videos, you need to fist understand which kind of explainer video will be best for your business. Animated mobile app explainer video is the right thing for business.

There is no theory on earth which can be suitable for everybody. One size fits all is a concept which is not applicable in today’s world and everyone looks for tailor made solutions. So let’s have a look at the type of mobile app you have and what kind of explainer videowill be best suited to market your app.

2D Animation videos

If your mobile app is for an educational institute, concepts like ways to save power etc. then a 2D animation video will be a good choice. Since the audience does not want a jazzy presentation, a simple to the point explanation about your product through a 2D animated explainer video will be very appealing to the customer. Bode Animation, Demo Duck and Loosekeys are some of the explainer video companies you may consider for getting your 2D animation videos created.

3D Animation videos

If you are a spa, salon, apparel company, food joint, then a 3D animated explainer videowill show your app very well. The customer will get to see the intricacies of the dress she is planning to buy or the mouth-watering dish he is going to order. Smarterjon and toonexplainers are two India based explainer video companies which can create amazing 3D Animation videos and the costs will not pinch your pockets.

Whiteboard Explainer Video

If you are a travel agency and want to tell about the places to visit through the stories of those historical places, you may consider a whiteboard explainer video. Your mobile app can contain the same flavour, however you have to be extremely clear in your presentation when you are using this method. If the story is not explained properly, then your mobile app will not get the right kind of response from the market.

Brandepix and Smarterjonare two such mobile app explainer video companies which can produce good quality whiteboard explainer videos to market your mobile app. Even though they are India based companies, their work is as good as many international companies.

Now since you have an idea what kind of explainer videos might work for your mobile app the best, let’s have a look at what a mobile app and marketing of that mobile app can do for your business.

Mobile app marketing will attract more customers

Laptops and computers are much more expensive than smart phones. Today everyone owns a smart phone. So if you can market your mobile app well, people will download it and use it for online shopping, browsing through your products, sharing the products they liked with their friends etc.

They can carry their mobile apps with them 24/7 and your business will increase as the customer can order from anywhere anytime.

A boon for the local customers

If you want to cater to the local market, then mobile apps are again very effective. Since you can locate the customer using GPS, you need not send the promotional codes to everyone. So if you are planning to expand your business and running some offers, just create a simple animated mobile app explainer video talking about your product.

mobile app animated explainer video
mobile app animated explainer video


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