Between whiteboard video and vector explainer video which one is good

Between whiteboard video and vector explainer video which one is good

In the age of cut throat competition, the companies have got variety of choices to choose from to make their business better and expand it so that it can be reached to more people and the company can find new and potential customers.

Out of all these choices, the organizations have been using the explainer videos in a good frequency over the past couple of years. The explainer video are the special animated short length videos which are used to explain the concept of a company to the people and promote their products and services to the audience.

Out of these videos, the companies prefer the whiteboard animated videos and the vector explainer videos the most. But the question arise that out of these two, which one is the best.

Whiteboard animation videos

These are the special type of animation videos in which the artist draws the sketch, character or object on a whiteboard (or an object resembling it) and the whole process is recorded using the video camera. This kind of animated video does not use much animation in them and gives the freedom to the creator to be bold and creative. One of the best part about these videos is that they are not much costly and can be easily afforded by companies with a limited budget or the startups as well.

In these videos, the actual effect is shown using the time lapse or the stop motion. Some of the technical terms which are used in this domain are video scribing and the animated doodling.

Some of the top tools which are used in making the whiteboard videos effective are –

  1. goAnimate
  2. PowToon
  3. Video Scribe

Vector Explainer Videos

On the other hand, there exist the vector explainer videos which are very popular and widely used by the companies at a global level. They are made up of various elements like text, animation, graphics, sound, motion etc.

They are very creative in style and used for explaining the concept of a company or delivering specified messages to the audience.

Let us know the difference between the two styles and see that which style is better than the other.

Which one is good – explainer video or whiteboard animated video

Both the explainer video and the whiteboard animated video carry their own strong attributes which make them unique, popular and stand out. Both styles have their own pros and cons.

Animated Whiteboard Animation company
Animated Whiteboard Animation company

When it comes to differentiating between the two styles, choosing one over the other is not easy at all. But when it comes to the difference of the costing between the two, the whiteboard animated videos are economical than the explainer videos. One of the reason is that they don’t use much animation in them and thus make them very popular.

The other difference between the two is the creativity. Though both the styles use creativity at a large scale which makes them interesting and catches the attention of the viewers easily. But the explainer videos are more creative than the whiteboard videos.

Also, when it comes to the conversion rates, the explainer videos turn out to be popular. In many studies, it has been found that the effective and efficient use of the explainer videos help the companies in boosting the sales of the organization by a factor up to 10% to 50%.

Hence the vector explainer videos are better than the whiteboard animated videos and are used widely. For more latest updates on explainer videos and whiteboard animated videos, stay connected to us.

Vector explainer videos and whiteboard animated videos are used widely for business promotion. Read the difference between the two styles and know which one is best than the other.

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