Explainer video company in india

Explainer video company in india

What are the pros & cons (advantages & disadvantages) of explainer videos

In the world of digital media, as the internet is growing at a rapid pace and thousands of new users are coming online everyday, it has become important for companies to find innovative and smart ways which will help them to find new users which can be converted into potential customers. Explainer video company in india.

In order to do the following, the companies use the digital marketing and the video marketing at a large scale.

The video marketing is the process of incorporating the video in the advertising strategy of the organization and promoting their concept with the help of a video.

The video marketing domain uses the explainer videos which are used at a large scale.

An explainer video is a small length video which is used by companies to explain their concept to the people and advertise their products and services to the masses and find new potential customers.

These videos work on the phenomena of brain science which integrates the auditory and visual senses in them which make them highly interesting and that is the reason that these videos attract a huge audience with ease. These videos are made up of many elements such as text, animation, graphics, motion, sound etc.

The explainer videos are also termed as landing page videos and home page videos and have a capability to boost the sales of a company up to 10% to 50%, which is an astonishing figure. Also these videos help the organizations in improving their brand awareness publically.

But every object has two faces – one positive and other negative. Same follow with the explainer videos, these videos have lots of advantages with them but have some disadvantages as well, which are important to figure out. Let us look at the pros and cons of using explainer videos.

explainer video company in india
explainer video company in india

Pros and Cons of Explainer videos

Advantages of Explainer Videos

  1. Clarify the concept of company

The primary attribute of the explainer videos is that they bring simplicity with them. They eliminates the complexities from the concept of the company which a user usually find on the website of the company. Thus these videos serve only basic and important functions in the video in a short span of time. This makes the user connect to the company and all his queries clear.


  1. Engages Visitors and Brings New Sales

This is one of the best part of the explainer videos. These videos not only engages the audience at a huge scale with ease but also boosts the sales of the company. That is the reason that companies prefer the explainer videos at a large scale. These videos improves the social media presence of the company and also the rankings in the Google search engines are improved a lot. Also one factor which work in the favor of these explainer videos is that the user prefers the video content in present time.


Disadvantages of Explainer Videos

  1. As there are many advantages of using the explainer videos, there exist some disadvantages too. One of them is the investment. The explainer videos demand a huge investment and thus not every company, especially startups cannot afford them and use in their business.
  2. High quality videos

The quality in the explainer videos always matters the most. Sometimes the producer is not able to provide a high quality video to its consumer which makes all effort in vain for the client and results in damaging the company’s image.


These are some of the top pros and cons of using the explainer videos.


Explainer videos have emerged as widely used concept by the companies. They have many advantages and disadvantages in the business. Read the pros and cons of the explainer videos.

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