Whiteboard animation explainer video company

Whiteboard animation explainer video company

Which one is more used – whiteboard animation OR explainer video

As the time has progressed, the digital arena has changed a lot and it has becoming the booming industry connecting the whole globe. In the age of digital media, it has become essential to create a strong online presence to attract more visitors online and increase the awareness of brand in different corners of the world.

In order to accomplish the above task, one of the most innovative and trending concept which has taken rise is explainer videos. Explainer videos are the short videos which lasts for only 1 to 3 minutes and serves a simple solution for the complex problem to the visitors.

One of the reason due to which these videos have become very popular and dominated its competitors is that they not only provide necessary information to the user in a short period of time, but also they gives the information in a very entertaining way which keeps the visitor engaged towards the video.

In order to create an explainer video, it takes a team of professionals who are expert in their task. Their primary traits includes high level of enthusiasm, patience and the ability to have out of the box ideas for all problems.

For a company, there are wide range of options in explainer videos There exists a total of 12 types of explainer videos. Each type serves a different solution for different kind of business and consists own pros and cons.

But out of all these 12 styles, two of these are majorly used to promote the business in the virtual world. These two styles are animated explainer videos and whiteboard animated videos.

Although, both these styles are very different from each other and their style to create them is also very different, the one thing which is common in both these styles is that they are very entertaining and has a superb power to engage the audience.

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Explainer animated videos

These videos used animated characters, motion, and graphics in them to create and it takes approx. 10 weeks to accomplish one project with this style. While working on the explainer videos, the whole process is divided into 6 stages and each stage is completed one by one. The funny element present in these videos is their USP and thus makes them the most popular among companies and even audience too.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

These are the special type of videos in which the artist draws the object on a whiteboard and the process is recorded on a camera. In these videos, the actual working is shown using time-lapse and slow motion. To make them look even better, animated doodling and video scribing are also used.

Which one is more used – explainer video or whiteboard video

This question does not have a straight forward answer and no body can’t even answer it in straight words. Reason being, both these styles are awesome in their own and have their own USP’s to attract the users towards them.

As far as their use is concerned that which style is used more – it depends upon three factors.

  1. Type of business
    2. Type of audience
    3. Budget

Whenever a company chooses the explainer video for its business, these are the two things they have in their mind to target and these are that what type of business does the company have and what type of audience they need to target. And the third and most important factor is the budget.

When the budget is concerned, the explainer video is expensive than the later one.

The whiteboard animated videos gives the liberty to be bold and creative while the explainer videos can use as many styles of animation it wants.

The whole theme of explainer videos is oriented around animation while in whiteboard animation, the concept is simple and catchy tag lines.

The difference between the two can be minimized to a set of points, but its the company which has to take the final call and choose the best between explainer video and whiteboard video keeping their business in mind and considering that which fits the best for them.

explainer videos and whiteboard animation videos are widely used to promote content online. Both the styles have their own pros and cons and their budget also differs hence companies decides the best to choose the best one for them.

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