Best Production houses explainer videos company

Best Production houses explainer videos company

Explainer videos are short, fun and informative videos which simply explain the products, services and concepts of a company to the people and helps in getting more sales.

An average explainer video lasts for 1 to 3 minutes and is capable enough to catch the attention of the viewer and getting audience engaged. They simply serve an easy solution in front of the people for a complex problem and thus helping them in making their perception better for a particular product and service.

explainer video for website
explainer video for website

In many studies, it has been found that after making an explainer video an integrated tool for marketing strategy, companies have got an average boost of 10% to 50% in their conversions, which is a significant figure by any means.

The impact of explainer videos can be drawn from the fact that they have almost replaced the traditional videos and conventional content from marketing purposes and majority of the companies have started using the animated explainer video. The reason for the elimination of the conventional videos and content is that it was not audience engaging and the user found it manipulating and found it boring too often.

But with the arrival of explainer videos, lots of things have changed and a new transition has explored in the marketing field.

To create an amazing explainer video, it takes an expert team which can think out of the box and is filled with crazy ideas.

Some of the best production houses for explainer videos are:

  1. Epipheo– –

The company has got a very unique name and when it comes to explainer video, they slams the top position in this domain. From Google to Microsoft to ebay to Microsoft to Nike to Facebook, all these top enterprises are their clients and the list is very long. The company is incorporated in USand its been seven years since they are around. They produce very high quality work and their client and audience loves them.

Their company name has been merged using two words, Epiphany and Video. They loves their working process and their team is always full of enthusiasm.

Connect to Epipheo –
700, West Pete Rose Way
Cincinnati, OH, 45203
888 687 7620


  1. Simple Story Videos –

A company which is incorporated i Canada based which works on the same philosophy as their brand name. They believe in simplicity and have produced high quality work for their clients which has helped them in boosting their brand, increased business and achieve marketing goals. They have got Mitagg as their featured product which is very popular. When it comes to their clients, they have got Coca Cola and Bell as top brands who takes services from them

Get in Touch with Simple Story Videos:
176, Rideau St. Suite 300
Ottawa, Canada

  1. Motion Crafter –

A company which was started 5 years back and have got around 190 clients and have completed more than 430 projects in form of animated explainer videos. One of their project, Rackspace became instant hit and got more than a quarter million views on YouTube. One of the best part about them that their pricing is not too high and even start ups can afford them. Many start up have approached them and they have happily made them their client. They believe in the fact that with a simple and interesting story, it is really easy to capture more traffic and an explainer video is a powerful medium to reach to more and more people.

Connect to Motion Crafter:

1802 N, 26th St
ID 83702
United States of America

Best Production houses explainer videos company.


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