Whiteboard animation company in America

Whiteboard animation company in America

USA is considered as the central hub for the revolution in technology and helped in making things easy for the common people. The Silicon Valley is the birthplace for all the major ideas and major brands like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, Quora, Intel and so many others.

USA was the first country in which the professional videos became a part of the advertising strategies of the company through the video marketing. There are many top notch companies which have changed the dynamics of the online promotion and have taken the video marketing to whole new dimension.

Whiteboard animation company in America
Whiteboard animation company in America

The concept of video marketing, especially the explainer videos and the whiteboard animated videos grew a lot in the USA.

The whiteboard animation videos are the special type of videos in which the objects or characters are drawn on a whiteboard (or a surface resembling it) by the artist and the whole concept is recorded using the video camera.

The whiteboard animation video is one of the most popular video style and is used by companies at a large scale. This styles allows the creator to be bold and creative at the same time. One of the primary attribute of the whiteboard animation videos is that it uses very less animation in it which makes them very economical and even the companies with low budget can afford them and use in their business.

Here we look at the top companies in United States which are working on the modules of whiteboard animated videos and help their clients in reaching their business goals.

List of whiteboard animation companies in USA

  1. Whiteboard Animation Studio

A company which is named on whiteboard animation and is headquartered in the New York is one of the pioneer company in their profession. They are an award winning company and have Microsoft as one of their premium client. They believe in result orienting work and getting their customer satisfaction is the primary goal they carry. They are a small team who are highly enthusiastic in their work.


  1. Demoduck – demoduck.com

Demoduck is one of the premier company in the domain of video marketing, explainer videos and the whiteboard animation videos. Based in USA, they have their business tagline as “Grow your business, be more human”. They believe in creative thinking and their team focuses on finding out of the box ideas for the problem statements they meet. Netflix, Panasonic and Dropbox are some of their top clients.


  1. Motion Crafter – motioncrafter.com

Motion Crafter was started half a decade back and have got around 200 clients around the globe and have completed more than 430 projects for them. One of their featured product is Rack Space which was liked a lot by people and got more than 25 million views on the YouTube. They keep their pricing balanced so that small companies and start up can afford them as well.


  1. Epipheo – epipheo.com

Epipheo is not only one of the top explainer video company in USA only but worldwide as well. They have all the top brands as their clients which includes Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mercedes, HP, 3M, Nike and so many more. The company was started almost 8 years ago and have dominated the arena since their early days.


These are some of the top companies which are at their prime in their work in video marketing.


Whiteboard animation videos are one of the most used in video marketing and there are many companies in USA for whiteboard animation. Read about top whiteboard companies in USA

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