Good Explainer Video Companies in US

Good Explainer Video Companies in US

Explainer Videos have gained a lot of popularity all over the world and companies – small or big have started using it as a primary marketing strategy for their brand and business. Good Explainer Video Companies in US.

An explainer video is a short, fun and informative video which lasts for only 1 to 3 minutes and engages the viewer. The best part about an explainer video is that it serves the simplest solution to even the most complicated problem to the audience which clarifies their vision about the products cum services of the company.

An explainer video was first seen back in 207 when Twitter, world’s leading micro blogging site used it to demonstrate people how to use it and the video was created by a company called Common Craft. The video was liked by people to an extent that it got more than 10 million views in a very short time.

explainer video for website
explainer video for website

To create an amazing explainer video, it takes some expert minds, a professional team and the idea which is not only creative but out of box too. In order to accomplish these activities, there are some most awesome companies, who works with lots of dedication to make a successful video for their client.

Some of the most amazing explainer video companies in US:

  1. Social Fix – – h3


This is the primary reason that their clients appreciate them and the unique skill set and the insider knowledge that they deliver and rely on them for innovative solutions and results which transforms the brands and take them to a whole new level.

One of the best attribute which stands out the Social Fix from rest of the video explainer companies is that they believe in giving back to society. They believe in building a community which is strong, educated and they find an environment which is socio economic developed. They are connected to many NGO’s such as PinkTie, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and a few more.


They have even got a huge list of clients and serves multiple projects for them which helps them to build their brand and their value increases with passage of time.

Connect to Social Fix:

1140, Avenue of the Americas
9th Floor
New York, NY, 10036
888 434 1411


  1. Video Chef – – h3

Video chef is one of the unique most company present in USA. The people at Video Chef gives their client a new reason to sell stuff with videos that gives a new life to the products and services of the brand. They produces visual stories which makes it easy for everyone to understand the complex ideas into simple ways. That’s how they contribute to the world which is going forward at a very fast pace. They have an aim to make their client’s virtual presence adjusted with the top notch brands with animated video explanation. They are not only present in United States, but also have their office in Europe too.

They also give a 100% money back guarantee and give awesome discounts to their clients. They also produce their work in any language and have custom solutions for same problem.

Connect to Video Chef:

10680, NW 37th Street

Coral Springs, Florida
USA, 33065
954 603 4409


These are the 2 of the top most company present in USA which are producing some high quality work for their clients. Stay connected to us for more amazing information on animated explainer videos. Good Explainer Video Companies in US.

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