How can explainer video help to boost the business?

How can explainer video help to boost the business?

Explainer Videos have emerged as a revolution in the field of marketing strategy for brands and companies. A short video which lasts for only a couple of minutes have made the companies to grow their business like anything and majority of the companies have experienced a hike in conversion rate of up to 10% to 50% in their business after replacing explainer video with traditional content.

The explainer video helps the brands and organizations to engage the visitors on their website so that it becomes easy for them to understand the products cum services in the easiest manner.

Often it has been noticed that certain brands and companies found it little hard when it comes to explain their products to their prospects and then, the solution arrives in the form of Explainer Videos. The explainer video helps to boost the business in many ways. They not only catches the attention of the audience, but also insist them to try the services and products of the company.

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How Explainer Video Boosts the Business

The concept of explainer video is very simple and goal oriented. They are designed in such a way that they makes the complex situation very simple to understand and anyone can watch them and get a proper idea of what exactly is being shown.

Since an explainer video is an introductory or descriptive video for products and services, hence it is also termed as Landing Video or Home Page Video. They are created in such an elegant way and the use of simple graphics and straight forward language sets them apart from the conventional videos, hence they attract the attention of viewer.

Special Attributes of Explainer Video

The Explainer Video is designed using the concept of brain science, which elaborates the phenomena that if the resources are used in an efficient manner, it optimizes the auditory and visual elements, which in turn makes them really interesting to watch and it is natural for any human being to get attracted towards it.

The use of animations and animated characters in the video adds the fun element in it and with the super combination of brain science and animated characters, the desired information is delivered in the best possible manner.

The complex and ambiguous situations are solved and served in the form of explainer videos to the user and they understand the need of service in a much better way.

World’s leading micro blogging website Twitter used this concept initially and the output they received was over whelming. Back in 2007, when Twitter was just a start up, they hired a company called Common Craft and they created a video for them in which the description of how to use Twitter was given. The visitors coming to micro-blogging giant really found it interesting and it helped the company to gain a lot more users than they had expected. The explainer video of Twitter got more than 10 million views, which is still a big number in the arena of explainer videos. The explainer video takes the viewer in a whole new dimension and enforces him to understand the concept from a whole new perception.

Additionally, the explainer video helps in improving search engine presence (SEO) of the website. With the presence of high quality and engaging videos, it not only attracts the millions of viewers but also appeals to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and many others and thus the page rank and site value increases drastically. And with such short and entertaining content, it gets socially viral as well and people start to share it through various social networking apps as well.

With such factors, the business of any company boosts up and the reason is – Explainer Video.

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