What way Explainer video company increasing social media

What way Explainer video company increasing social media

At the time when the focus is shifting online and all the companies are shifting their focus to create a strong presence in the virtual world, it has become necessary for them to have smart and innovative ideas to compete with the competitors and beat them. explainer video company.

Today, hundreds of thousands of new users are coming online for the very first time and it is a market which is unending and is not restricted by regions or any boundary.

To eliminate the traditional methods, some of the innovative methods have been implemented in the last couple of years by the companies which have done wonders for them.

One of the method is video marketing. Through video marketing, the whole concept is demonstrated in a video in a simple method which catches the attraction of visitors easily and helps in connecting them with the organization. To implement the video marketing in a broader way, explainer videos are used.

An explainer video is a part of video marketing. An explainer video is a short video whose purpose is to ‘explain’ the concept of a company to the people and promotes the products cum services to them. The primary attribute of these videos is that these videos serves a very simple solution to the people for complex problems and helps them in understanding the context of the concept of the company which turns them into potential customers later on.

The video marketing has grown a lot since their presence and have become the primary marketing strategy for enterprises – small or large and are widely used to increase the awareness of brand value.

The correct and optimized use of Google and social media have made the efforts of companies more fruitful and brought more positive results to them.

Whiteboard explainer video company
Whiteboard explainer video company

How video marketing is increased using Google and Social Media

  1. Video Marketing using Google – in a world where almost 500 billion things are searched on internet each month, almost 60% searches of it are done on Google. That is why Google is the largest search engine in the world. Google has improved its algorithm a lot in last many years so that the user can get best of the results from their queries.

According to Google, the websites with less engaging content or outdated content ends up losing their site rank. Generally, sites with plain content only don’t do well in search queries now. The reason being that the visitors does not prefer them as they find the written content boring. Also, their bounce rate is not good which a major factor is. Hence their rank has reduced a lot in search results. On the other hand, the links with video content have found themselves in a better position in Google search results. The primary factor being that the content is loved by the people, interesting and compelling so it improves the bounce rate and attracts more visitors. Hence, the websites with videos ends up boosting their ranking in search results.

  1. Video Marketing using Social Media – Today, more than 2 billion people are connected on social media. These platform are majorly used to connect with people with similar interests and content is shared among them. According to study, if a person likes a post, 90% chances are that the post will be shared. This makes that post famous and ends up making it trending and then viral. Companies uses this technique to their best and uses social media to promote their videos as they know how to make videos viral on social media so that maximum people can watch their concept and connect to them.

video marketing technique is powerly supported by google and social media but in condition that they should be used with proper methods and then they will do wonders for companies. explainer video company.


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