Leading companies of explainer videos in America

Leading companies of explainer videos in America

An explainer video is a short video which ‘explains’ the concept of a company to the people and serves a simple solution to them for a complex problem. The explainer videos lasts for only 90 to 150 seconds and are filled with entertaining and informative elements.

The reason which makes explainer videos dominating is that they removes the boring factor which a visitor finds in traditional methods and thus these videos helps in engaging visitors on the website and increasing awareness about products cum services of a company.

An explainer video uses the phenomena of brain science in it and integrates both visual and auditory senses in them which makes them interesting and attracts lots of visitors towards it. The first ever explainer video was used back in 2007 when a company called Common Craft created one for Twitter and demonstrated how to use the micro blogging giant.

Leading companies of explainer videos in America
Leading companies of explainer videos in America

To create an explainer video, it takes a team of expert professionals who can take any challenge and showcase creative and out of the box ideas for all problems.

USA is the central hub for all kinds of tech business in the world as same applies even on the explainer videos companies as well. In United States, there are many top companies who create amazing explainer videos for their clients and helps them in achieving their business goals.

Top leading companies of explainer videos in America

  1. Epipheo Studios – epipheo.com

When it comes to explainer videos companies in USA, Epipheo is considered as the best company in this domain. They have got all the big enterprises as their clients which includes Google, Microsoft, HP, Mercedes, AOL, P&G, 3M, Nike and so many top notch companies. It’s been 7 years since they are in the corporate sector and have completed more than 300 projects for their clients.

Get in Touch with Epipheo –
700, West Pete Rose Way
Cincinnati, OH, 45203
888 687 7620


  1. Simple Story Videos – simplestoryvideos.com

The Simple Story Videos are a production house which is headquartered in Canada and their working style is similar to their brand name. They strongly believe in simplicity and always focuses on creating high quality videos for the clients around the globe which have helped their clients to achieve their target goals and get more conversions in their business. Mitagg is one of their featured product which has gained a lot of popularity all around.

Get in touch to Simple Story Videos:
176, Rideau St. Suite 300
Ottawa, Canada


  1. Demo Duck – demoduck.com

A Chicago based company have got a tagline as, ‘Grow Your Business, Be More Human’ have done wonders for their clients. From Netflix to Panasonic to Dropbox, all these top brands are their clients. Although there team is small but their creative mindset is their strength and this attribute sets them apart from all their competitors.

Get in Touch with Demo Duck –
220 N, Green St
Chicago, IL, 60607


  1. Motion Crafter – motioncrafter.com

Started half a decade back, Motion Crafter have accomplished more than 400 projects till now for their 190 odd clients. They have accomplished one project called Rackspace and it became so popular that it got more than 25 million views on Youtube and become a major success for their clients. The primary trait for Motion crafter is that their budget is set for all kind of companies and even start ups can afford them as well.

Get in touch to Motion Crafter:

1802 N, 26th St
ID 83702
United States of America

explainer videos companies are present all around the world and USA is the central hub for these companies with Epipheo, Demo Duck, Motion Crafter as top notch companies.  Leading companies of explainer videos in America.

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