Top 10 Explainer videos company in US

Top 10 Explainer videos company in US

The concept of explainer videos has gone viral since its presence in the corporate world and majority of the companies – small or big have started to use it as a primary tool in their marketing strategy and get the boosted results for their business and make their brand become more popular.

In order to produce an amazing video for their clients, there are some awesome companies all over the world with USA being the central hub for these animated explainer video companies.

10 best explainer videos companies in USA

  1. Epipheo Studios –

Undoubtedly one of the best explainer video company of the USA and the world. They have got the best companies as their clients in the world which includes Microsoft, Nike, 3M, Google, P&G, HP, AOL, Mercedes and so many more. They began in 2009 and have created numerous projects for their clients and people loved it.

Connect to Epipheo –
700, West Pete Rose Way
Cincinnati, OH, 45203
888 687 7620


  1. Demo Duck –

A US based company which has got a tag line, ‘Grow Your Business, Be More Human’ have rocked the market since their existence. They have got Netflix, Panasonic, Dropbox as their amazing clients. They have got a small team with a huge creative mindset and always have out of the box ideas for all their problems.

Connect to Demo Duck –
220 N, Green St
Chicago, IL, 60607

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  1. Simple Story Videos –

A Canada based production house which works on the philosophy same as their brand name. They believe in simplicity and have produced high quality work for their clients which has helped them in boosting their brand sales and achieve business goals. They have got Mitagg as their featured product.

Connect to Simple Story Videos:
176, Rideau St. Suite 300
Ottawa, Canada


  1. Think Mojo –

Think Mojo is one of the top brand in the arena of explainer video companies and have got some of the biggest enterprises as their clients. In the stack of their clients, they have got HP, Twitter, LinkedIn, ebay and so many more. They have got even featured into Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Tech Crunch and got appreciations from everyone they have dealt with.

Connect to Think Mojo:
Start Up Edmonton
0359 104 St NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 1B9, Canada


  1. Explainify –

They believe in making you the hero of your company. They understand the fact that by telling a story using a powerful story, the perception of the people towards a brand can change a lot. They help all kinds of businesses to reach maximum customers.

Connect to Explainify:

19, E Center St, Fayetteville, AR 72701


  1. Motion Crafter –

A company which was started back in 2011 have got around 187 clients and have completed their 432 projects in form of animated videos. One of their project Rackspace became instant hit and got more than 25 million views. One of the best part about them that their pricing is not too high and even start ups can afford them.

Connect to Motion Crafter:

1802 N, 26th St
ID 83702


  1. Illustrate It –

A company which is allocated in Canada helps brands to spread their passion. They have not only got animated videos but also so much fun. They provide services in Web Design, SEO, social media and many other things. They were established in 2010.

Connect to Illustrate it
Collingwood, ON, Canada
+1 888 907 0907


  1. Loose Keys –

A Chicago based company which was started 5 years back have progressed a lot with their awesome work. They are a company which are obsessed with coffee and got IBM as their client and animated some of the most beautiful stories in form of explainer videos.

Get in touch with Loose Keys
2236, West Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL, 60618
United States


  1. Epic Video Factory –

Epic video factory is one of those brightest companies in US region which have got their progress exponentially and have got some potential clients for whom they have created some outstanding projects which have helped their clients in boosting their business and increasing brand awareness.

Connect to Epic Video Factory –
33, Wood St Suite 808


  1. Media Whale –

A company which works especially for new start ups and companies with a limited budget have done wonders for them and have created some of the top quality animated explainer videos for their clients. They have got refreshing content every time and always gives an out of the box idea for all problems.

Connect to Media Whale –

1972, Hill View St
Sarasota, FL 34239

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