What is your opinion about good or bad explainer videos?

What is your opinion about good or bad explainer videos?

Explainer videos are ruling the world of online marketing. They are an awesome product of Digital marketing. Nowadays, if a company or organization wants to launch a new product or service in the market, they firstly design an explainer video, which tells almost everything about that product or service and they spam it all around using social media marketing.

These videos come with many techniques which can enhance your video in several aspects. You can include special animation effects and use high quality graphics, in order to make the video more interesting.

Some of those techniques which can be employed in order to enhance the quality of an explainer video are:




Now, the question comes whether all the explainer videos which are made to promote your product or service, good or bad?

There are a several aspects which will decide whether the video is good or bad.
The first and most important point is that every human being has his own mind set and all of them have a different thought process and a different perspective of looking at the things. Some people may like the video so much while the others may not pay heed to it. May be his mood is not fine at that instant of time and when he watches it some other time, he finds it interesting. So, the state of mind of a person can also be a factor which determines whether the explainer video is good or bad.

What is your opinion about good or bad explainer videos?

We know that we get what we pay for. This is very true. No person in the market is sitting to do social service. They all want to earn some profit and they definitely they won’t take all your money as their profit. There is a lot of money to be spent in the production of the video. If you want to give high quality graphics to your video, then definitely you need to spend more bucks. Many reputed Explainer Video Production Companies, which are always in a demand, charge higher cost for delivering top class videos to their clients. Thus, cost is also an important factor which will decide whether your video is good or bad.

What is your opinion about good or bad explainer videos?
What is your opinion about good or bad explainer videos?

Another thing which comes in picture while discussing about the explainer videos is that, whether the video is able to clearly explain the idea that it was supposed to deliver? Many times, due to some reasons, the videos are not perfect with respect to the message they want to deliver to their audience. So, the video ultimately fails to grab their target audience, such video is a bad video, which will be nothing but a waste of time, money and a bit of reputation for the company.


Many times, we get the same service at cheap rates. This is probably when the video makers are un-experienced. There lies a risk whether the video-makers will be able to deliver a satisfactory video or not. Many times, they are not able to give out the best video as compared to the videos designed by experienced crew. Such videos can also be called as bad videos.


These are few points which tell whether your video is good or bad.

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