What is video marketing and what is social marketing

What is video marketing and what is social marketing

The present time belongs to the digital world and every day, millions of new people are coming online for the very first time. Today, it’s a 2 billion people market and is expanding every day.

The primary feature of the online world is that it removes the boundaries of connecting and sharing things and any person can connect with anyone in any part of the globe at a minimal price.

Thus, the internet has become one of the biggest market to target for the companies to promote their services and products among people to make their business grow and increase the awareness of their brand.

Today, almost all companies are using the latest tactics to promote their business to advertise. Some of the most trending strategies in the present virtual world are social media marketing and video marketing.

What is video marketing and what is social marketing
What is video marketing and what is social marketing

Video marketing and social media marketing

Video marketing

Video marketing is that process in which the concept of the company is elaborated through the help of a video. It is a simple video which consists of informational and entertaining elements in them and helps the people in understanding the concept of the company by removing all the complexities.

The video marketing concept inculcates many styles in them such as live action videos, 2D animated videos, slow motion explainer videos and much more. In order to create a video for the business, a huge investment is required and quality is always a big point to concentrate.

After getting an explainer video, it can be uploaded on the YouTube or the official website or even on the social media. Video marketing is a large domain and includes many sub-activities inside them to make the things such better. The domain of video marketing has gained a lot of popularity and has come up in becoming one of the primary strategy in marketing.

Social Media

The social media is the next big thing in the digital world and is ruling the internet since last 1 decade. Today, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest are the major social apps which are used by more than billion people all around the globe and has connected them in a special bond.

The social media has become one of the most trending concept for the companies to boost their business. Facebook alone has become the single largest platform using which companies have started from scratch and using it alone have turned into multi million business. The social media marketing includes the concept of promoting the services and products of the company among people and reaching out to more and more people.

Social media marketing is a part of video marketing and if used effectively, it helps in brining lots of people connecting with the company. The social media is also used to update the people about the ongoing events happening inside the company, about their upcoming plans and other related stuff which orienting the company which is helpful for the people.

One of the best part of the social media is that it can be used for free. However, now Facebook and Twitter allows to promote its content by paying money in advertising using which the content is promoted to more people.

Additionally, the social media has evolved as one of those strong platform which is used by the consumers where they can put up their query and get it solved instantly within a short span of time.

Company uses the social media in order to get proper feedback from their consumers and their reviews are posted there.

video marketing and social media marketing are the latest advertising strategies used by companies to promote their products and services to people so that their brand awareness can be increased and sales can be boosted.

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