Animated explainer video company charges

Animated explainer video company charges

What is the cost of Explainer video

In the age of digital media, it has become extremely important for companies to have a strong online presence so that they can stretch their limits and reach to more and more people and increase their brand awareness.

It is the need of the hour for brands to come up with smart and innovative solutions to solve the queries of their prospects and turn them into potential customers. It has become a well-known fact that the traditional methods of marketing like content and image marketing are fading with the passage of time as people have started to find them boring and time consuming.

In the trending marketing tips, video marketing is at its peak and is dominated by explainer videos. An explainer video is a short video which ‘explains’ the concept of a company to the people and promotes its products and services. Its length lies in the range of 90 to 150 seconds and elaborates the whole concept in an entertaining manner. That is why these videos are capable in engaging huge audience and boost the conversions at a big level.

Creating of an explainer video

In order to get a perfect explainer video for the brand, it requires a team of expert which is highly professional in its work and can give out of the box ideas for the problem statement of the company. Generally, there are various styles available, out of which the suitable style is chosen orienting the business and audience.

Cost of Explainer Videos

When it comes to the production of an explainer video, various points are considered in the early stage and the whole process is divided into a number of stages to make the job easy. On an average, it takes 10 to 12 weeks to successfully accomplish a project of such video

The six stages are:

  1. Research and Kick Off (1 Week)
  2. Script Writing (2 Weeks)
  3. Story board and style Frames (1-2 Weeks)
  4. Design and Animation (2-3 Weeks)
  5. Voice Over and Sound Design (2 Weeks)
  6. Finishing (1 Week)

All these stages are compiled one by one and then further proceeded. When it comes to the overall costing of the video, one thing is pretty sure, “You get what you pay for”. If you want a high quality and make a rich experience of user, it will take a handsome amount as the overall process is very expensive. Even majority of the companies are investing a lot in this domain and even have made the explainer videos as a primary marketing tool eliminating the other options.

When it comes to generalized sessions, an average explainer video of 90 seconds length may cost from $1500 to $15000. The time period will vary of the completion according to the requirements of the project.

However, if a reputed and highly professional team is chosen, the budget mounts to $20,000. The figure varies according to various factors which includes the customization, quality of work, details, experience level and the demand of the producer in the market.

Animated explainer video company charges
Animated explainer video company charges

But the budget of these videos can be brought down to a significant level. To do so, either the quality of video is compromised or free lancers are hired. In that case, many of the tasks are accomplished by the business team, like writing script and doing research work and promotions of the video. In those cases, the cost of explainer video turns out to be $600 to $800 which is very affordable than other cases.

It is the pure quality and effectivity of video which gives fruitful results to the company.

Explainer videos have turned out to be boon for companies but the costing of explainer videos is an issue for them and not every company can afford them according to their business plan.

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