Animated explainer video for website

Animated explainer video for website

Animated explainer video
Animated explainer video


Animated explainer video for website, In a fast changing world, we have moved from only actor based commercials to character based commercials. With the advent of technology, many cartoon characters were created and they often create a greater impact on the consumer than a real human being. Using cartoon characters in videos is often cost-effective too. Many types of explainer videos like white board animation videos, 2D animation, 3D animation, typography, screencast are available in the market. The million dollar question remains in the minds of the business owner- what kind of Animated explainer video will be the best for our website.

Let’s have a look of different types of explainer videos available in the market which might be beneficial for you to choose the right one for your website.

2D Animation

If you are strapped for budget and want to explain your idea in a simple fashion, then 2D animation explainer video for your website might be an ideal solution. These videos are preferred by start-ups and if you choose their already designed characters instead of asking them to design a custom-character, then then cost of the video production will be very low. Bode Animation, Demo Duck and Loosekeys are some of the companies which specialise in these videos.

Here is the Sample Animated explainer video for website :

2.5 D Animation

This name might sound a little weird, however many media professionals prefer this hybrid of 3D objects and 2D images. The budget to create these videos is slightly higher than 2D animationvideos, however the special effects are quite eye-catchy. Grumo, Bode Animation and switch video are some of the popular companies in designing this kind of Animated explainer video for website.

3D Animation

As the name suggests, 3D animation videos will bring your characters to life and the viewer will feel that the characters are revolving around him/her. However this explainer video is not suitable for regular TV commercials as most of the viewers do not have a TV which can support 3D animation. 3D videos on computers often create the impact as we watch is very closely. However if it is a presentation for your client, then you may think about it. Epipheo and Tadapix are two international companies which excel in 3D animation. Smarterjon and toonexplainers are 2 India based companies which can create world class 3D animation videos in much lesser cost than the US based companies.

Live Action Explainer Video

Real actors explain the concept and ideas about marketing your product and these Animated explainer video for website will not be very expensive unless you are planning to use celebrities to promote your product. Many surveys show that audience likes real humans compared to cartoons for consumer durables and FMCG products. Demo duck, Sandwich video, Sway production and India based Amodfilms are some of the best companies in this genre of explainer videos.


Whiteboard Explainer Video

If your company is into cookery shows, travel, education, then explaining your company’s speciality using a whiteboard explainer video might be a unique idea. The whole concept of drawing sequential images and having an effective voice-over might be appealing to your audience. India based Brandepix and Smarterjon can produce equally creative whiteboard explainer videos like the ones created by US based ydraw and bodeanimation.

Kinetic Typography

If you are an educational institute, using Kinetic Typography to share inspiring text in a sequential way may be a good idea to promote your website. This kind of explainer video for your website will not be very expensive and if you use companies like Smarterjon and Studiotale, then the creativity and cost will impress you for sure.

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