What is handcraft explainer video

What is handcraft explainer video

This is the era of digital world. Almost 2 billion people are using internet. Everything seems to be digitizing. Even the items that we used to buy at various shops, are just a click away. Money is also digitizing. Along with this, there is a trend of digital marketing these days, which saves a lot of human labour. What is handcraft explainer video.

Now, you don’t need to visit places in order to promote your products or services. Digital marketing has enough to promote your product through every possible corner of this world. One most important tool which is the result of digital marketing is Explainer video. Now, if a company wants to introduce a new product, it launches an explainer video, which gives a positive impression about that product in the minds of people.

Thus, an explainer video has become an essential part in the promotion process as it has become a crucial point in forming an impression about any product. Companies are investing a hefty amount to make explainer videos which can gather the attention of huge crowd.


Many competitors of Explainer video Production have emerged over time, which make awesome quality explainer videos. They will carve your idea in the best possible way they can. Now, the question arrives, ho to make this videos look different from others. The answer is simple, we can include high quality graphics stuffed with special animation effects, which will make your video look different from others.


There are many techniques which can be implemented while making an explainer video, like you can choose 2D, 3D, 2.5D (2.5D is a combination of both i.e. 2D and 3D), typography, stop motion, whiteboard, cartoons, live action etc. Out of these varieties, there comes a category called as “Handcraft Explainer Video”. Let us talk about it in detail.

Handcraft explainer video company

What is handcraft explainer video
What is handcraft explainer video

A handicraft explainer video is basically a manually made video. Here, all the animation work is done by hands. Means that we draw various cartoons and caricatures by hand and then scan it and put it wherever required. Further, we also create storyboard in order to explain the scene in an interesting way.


The task is, no doubt, tough, but it yields positive results. This is the reason why people are running towards this art of video making. The reason behind this is that the images and characters that we depict in our videos look so beautiful that they can easily grab the attention of the audience. This is because the pictures are drawn with hands and these look so realistic that they are successful in gaining the trust of its viewers and thus form a permanent bond between the customers and the company.

Along with many advantages, there occurs one disadvantage of making such sort of explainer video. The disadvantage is that these videos take a lot of time to get completed. They are very time consuming and costly. Due to this, many budding startups can’t afford them. The reason behind this is that, as the complete animated characters are to be made manually, so this requires an artist who can do it professionally. This adds up to the cost. Even after drawing, you need to scan them and then use different software for its synchronization. All these tasks add up to the cost and time.

Thus, Handcraft Explainer Videos are a powerful tool to gather the attention of the people. What is handcraft explainer video.

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