Explainer video company in London

Explainer video company in London

In the 21st century, the importance of marketing and packaging the product has increased a lot and the companies have grown their focus on these factors as well in addition to the quality of the product.

The marketing strategy should be foolproof for the company so that they can target the audience in an optimized way and can explain their concept to them without giving those complexities and connect to them so that they can find new prospects which later can be turned into potential customers.

Over the past many years, many new marketing strategies have been initiated by the organization which have helped them a lot to grow their business and increase their brand value. One of the premier advertising technique which has gained lot of popularity is video marketing.

Video marketing is the process of advertising the concept of a company with the help of video. Since the domain of video marketing is very vast, hence it is divided into many styles and out of all the styles, the explainer video is the most used.

Explainer video companies in London
Explainer video companies in London

An explainer video is a short length video which is used by the companies to demonstrate their concept to the prospects and promote their products and services.

The first ever professional work of the explainer video was seen almost a decade back when Twitter hired a company called Common Craft which created the video for them. The video helped the users to understand the functionality of the micro blogging giant and with this Twitter engaged lot of traffic. The video was loved by people and got more than 10 million views.

Today, the concept of explainer videos is used widely by the companies for the promotion of their brand and outreach their stretch to connect to more people and help them in their life.

London is one of those place where many top companies are headquartered hence it has become a center of attraction for the explainer video companies as well. Let us look at some of the top explainer video companies in London.

Top video explainer company in London

  1. Dragon Fly – dragonfly.co.uk

Dragon Fly is one of the premier company which works on the domain of explainer videos and serve their clients and help them in achieving their business goals. They makes the job of the company easy as they help them in creating an awesome video for their customers.

They have three pillars of work which are –

  1. Strategy
  2. Creativity
  3. Expertise


By the combination of these three pillars, the team of Dragon Fly works with lot of enthusiasm and serve a beautiful video to their clients.

Some of their top clients include Pepsi, University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London Bupa, Oxfam are some of them and have got other as well.

  1. Scorch London – http://www.scorchlondon.com/explainer-videos/

Scorch London is one of the top company situated in London and offers many services to their clients and one of them is explainer videos.

Their primary target is to make their clients satisfied with their videos and help them so that they can complete their business goals. They have found some of the most amazing companies as their brands such as Subway, Pepsico, Honda, ebay, Hindustan Unilever Limited, YouTube, Casio, Hyundai and so many more.


There are many more top companies in London which works at a big scale to produce explainer videos.

explainer videos are popular in all parts of the world and London is no different. Read the list of top companies available in London which produce explainer videos.

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