What are the profits of explainer videos?

What are the profits of explainer videos?

It will be absolutely correct to mention that video marketing is the heart of digital advertising world at present and has outplayed its competitors and dominated them. In the domain of video marketing, the exp

What are the profits of explainer videos
What are the profits of explainer videos

lainer videos have turned out to be the best subject to invest in for companies.

The explainer videos are the videos which are full of entertaining and informative elements but lasts only for a short duration. The concept behind explainer videos is that they ‘explain’ the products cum services of a company to people and serves a simple solution to the complex problems and changes the perception of people towards company and their products.


The explainer video uses the simple concept of brain science. It integrates both visual and auditory senses in it which makes them interesting and attracts the viewers towards it. The explainer videos helps the companies best in engaging audience and making a hike in their sales and the number is up to 50% and the figure is quite astonishing.

The concept is very innovative and has turned out to be very profitable for companies all around the globe and companies – small or big have started to use them in their business and make their presence strong in the digital world.

Best profits of explainer videos

  1. Best presentation of problem statement

With the complexities increasing with the passage of time, the explainer videos uses a simple method to elaborate the concept and information to the prospects. These videos are made up using text, animation, graphics and motion and the combination of all these attributes make the videos amazing and people starts to fall in love with them. It helps in connecting with people in a smooth manner and helps them in turning them potential customers in the coming time.


  1. Interest is increased with Simplicity

The best part of the explainer videos is that they enforces standards in them which stands them out among all their competitors. The whole concept is demonstrated using these videos within 100 to 150 seconds. Thus, the effective presentation makes them interesting and catches the attention of the viewer and indirectly the attraction is increased towards the company and its products.


  1. Explainer videos are Shareable

In the past couple of years, the craze of social networking profiles have increased a lot and more people spend their time online. These profiles are one of the best source to get attention of people as once they like the concept in explainer video, they share it among their friends and family and helps in making them viral, thus leading to more people reaching out to the concept of products cum services of the brand.


  1. Boost in Search Engine Rankings

According to many reports, it has been mentioned that the websites based on content only ends up doing not much well in search ranking in comparison to the portals which consists of videos in them. The presence of explainer videos makes the visitors stick with the page and thus helping in boosting the ranking of the blog in the search engine.


  1. Explainer videos boosts conversions

The explainer videos helps the people in connecting better with the products and a better personality of the company is served in front of them and gives the people a reason to why to purchase from the brand. In many studies, it has been seen that by making explainer videos as a primary tool for marketing strategy, companies have experienced a hike in their business up to 45-50%, which is a remarkable figure.


Hence, the explainer videos are very profitable for the companies when used strategically and effectively.


explainer videos have turned out to be very profitable for the companies as they have boosted the sales of the brands up to 50% and have improved their online presence.

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