Top whiteboard explainer video company in the world

Top whiteboard explainer video company in the world

The whiteboard explainer videos are very popular all around the globe and is used by companies at a large scale as a creative element to connect to more people, educate them about their business and find new and potential customers. explainer video company.

A whiteboard animated explainer video is one in which the artist draws the object or character on a whiteboard (or an object resembling it) and the whole process is recorded using a video camera.

The whiteboard animated explainer videos provides the liberty to the creator to be bold and innovative in their work. These kind of videos doesn’t use much animation in them that is why they are very economical and all kind of companies prefers them to use in their business. Startups also implements the whiteboard animated videos in their business strategy with lots of enthusiasm.

In general terms, a whiteboard explainer video looks more sketchy and less detailed than a video which uses animated characters in it.
Few terminologies which are used in the whiteboard explainer video includes ‘video scribing’, ‘animated doodling’.
With the passage of time, the domain of whiteboard animation has find new dimensions. The animation templates are used in much more effective manner and new style of animations are developed too.
When it comes to the production of the whiteboard animated explainer videos, there are many production houses spread in all parts of the world which are creating some of the most amazing videos for their clients and making people aware about new ideas and concepts.
Let us look at some of the top companies which are working on the domain of the whiteboard explainer videos.

Animated Whiteboard Animation company
Animated Whiteboard Animation company

List of top companies for whiteboard explainer videos

1. Epipheo –
Epipheo is one of the top brand at the global stage which are in the industry since 2009 and has got all the top notch companies as their clients. Some of their top clients are Microsoft, Google, Facebook, 3M, Nike, Mercedes and so many more. They have accomplished numerous projects for their clients and have produced some of the most trending animated videos for them which have helped in completing their business goals. They take their each project as a challenge and works in such a manner that the output is of high quality and their clients love them. They help their brands in achieving their business goals and considers it as their biggest success.

2. Y Draw –

Y Draw is one of the finest company which has worked very actively in the field of explainer videos and are producing all kind of explainer videos for their clients. They have got a tagline that says, “What’s your story”. They believe in the fact that every brand has a story to narrate and thus their team help their clients in narrating their story to the audience in a very entertaining and interacting way.
From Google to Apple, to HP to Nokia, to LG to Adobe to Motorola, these are all the customers of Y Draw and have got lot many in their list of customers. They are based in the western region of the USA, they know that people will not buy what you are going to do, they will buy what you do. The level of enthusiasm in their team is unmatchable and that’s why their clients love them. Apart from websites, they also create videos for YouTube and Instagram as well.

There are the top companies which are producing the amazing and eye catching whiteboard animated videos.

Whiteboard explainer videos are the most simple and effective way which is used to engage audience to the product as the simplicity level is very high in these videos and there are many companies who are producing these videos

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