Top 5 Animated explainer video company in india

Top 5 Animated explainer video company in india

Top 5 animated explainer video site which give free service

Explainer video is that concept which has become an apple of the eyes for the companies and have made them the primary strategy for the marketing and advertising their products and services to reach to more people and boost their sales. Top 5 Animated explainer video company in india.

An explainer video is a short video which is used to explain the concept of a company to the people and promote the products and services to the people by showing compelling content in the video. These videos are short in length and serves the correct information to the people in a fun way. That is why these videos are so popular and has the capability to reach to huge audience and engage them.

The concept of explainer videos was introduced almost a decade back and the first professional work was seen back in 2007 when a company called Common Craft produced an explainer video for the Twitter. The video became an instant hit and helped people to reach to the micro blogging giant. The video got more than 10 million views and helped Twitter in making what it is today.

These videos are best in eliminating the complexities which user face when they visit the website and serves a simple solution to them.

However, the process of getting an explainer video for the business is not easy and demands a big investment. As in order to get an explainer video, a team of professionals is hired who are expert in their job and can think creative and out of the box ideas. This quality of them makes the companies with limited budget and start ups to restrict them to not to go for the explainer videos.

To figure out the solution to this problem, there exists many solutions using them an explainer video can be made using very less or almost free service. One of them is to create the explainer video on the individual level or hiring interns and fresher is also a suitable level as these people works with lots of enthusiasm and gives their best to make a mark in the mind of the company with their work.

Additionally, there are many companies and sites using which an explainer video can be produced. These companies takes very less charge or almost provide free service to their clients and helps them in achieving their business goals.

List of companies which provide free service to create explainer videos – h2

  1. Adobe – Adobe After Effects

A wonderful tool provided by the Adobe in form of Adobe after effects is one of the best tool which can be used to create beautiful explainer videos. It is very easy to use this software and quality videos can be made using this.

Whiteboard explainer video company
Whiteboard explainer video company
  1. Pow Toon –

One of the most popular and widely used tool which is used for the creation of the explainer videos. Its pre-existing animation styles are awesome and gives wonderful quality when used for making a video using Powtoon.

  1. goAnimate –

A website similar to Pow Toon is also one of the most popular website which allows its visitor to create an explainer videos in a simple manner. They uses the advance tools which helps in improving the quality of the video. They offer a free 2 week trial to their customers using which many videos can be made by them.

  1. DIY explainer video with iPhone – Yes, it is possible to create an awesome video using an iPhone. By recording the video with iPhone, iMovie and Camtasia are the best choice of software available to do the editing part and make cheap explainer video.
  2. Fiverr – Fiverr is one of the top website where you can post your services. However, it is not free but the service of explainer video can be easily found even at a minimal price of $5.

These are the sources using which cheap explainer videos can be made. Looking for a video for your business, go and have it today.

Explainer videos are very popular these days but are very costly as well hence in order to make them, there are many companies which provides free services to get explainer videos for the business.

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