Stop Motion Explainer videos Company in India

Stop Motion Explainer videos Company in India

In the age of digital world, almost all companies and brands are looking for the production of explainer videos for their products and services. Once a brand decides to make an animated explainer video to elaborate their business story to their customers in a unique manner, increase conversions, maximize business exposure and boost sales like anything. But when it comes to explainer videos, a company has a big list to choose from and sometimes it becomes confusing for them to choose the best for them. Explainer videos Company in India.

Before going deep in this articles, let us reflect on the list of types of explainer videos which are present:

  1. 2 D Animation
  2. 5 D Animation
  3. Live Action
  4. 3 D Animation
  5. Typography
  6. White Board Animation
  7. Screen Cast
  8. Stop Motion Videos
  9. Infographic
  10. Music only
  11. Testimonial
  12. iPhone – iPad Apps

Each of the above 12 styles have their own pros and cons. Some of them are inspirational and serious and rest of them are creative and filled with fun.

Out of the lot, stop motion explainer videos are the most special. In this, step by step screens are taken using video camera and real world objects to create a crafted video which is excellent in style and people loves them. According to stats, the stop motion explainer video manages to get the maximum engagement of audience and gives the maximum conversion rate. But one of the point which stops companies using it is that it is very expensive and very tough too.


It almost takes $50,000 to create one of the finest stop motion explainer video. Explainer videos Company in India.

While going for a stop motion explainer video, it becomes really important to understand the target audience and should include the marketing keyword in their dictionary: call to action.

Since the stop motion videos takes a significant amount of budget in creation, the theme becomes primarily important. In this animation technique, it consist of photographing the objects and is moved in small amount which creates the illusion of movement when the series of frames are played in a proper sequence.

Wallace and Gromit are the best example of work which have been created using the stop motion explainer videos. Sometimes, in this technique, a character is drawn either manually too apart from using digital tools. Then, its style is changed by changing its element and once this part is accomplished, pictures are stacked together and played in a simple motion and the final product is stop motion explainer video.

Demo Duck, a USA based company accomplishes some of the finest work in stop motion videos and are very popular in their domain.

Apparently, there are different types of stop motion animation which are named after the medium which is used to create them. There are many computer software available to accomplish the task.

explainer video for website
explainer video for website

Variations in Stop Motion

  1. Stereoscopic Stop Motion – stop motion has been rarely used in stereoscopic 3D throughout the history of film making. The first ever 3D stop motion was seen in 1939 in Tune With Tomorrow by John Norling.
  2. Go Motion – It is one of the most complicated variation used in stop motion. It was first used in movies like The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Dragonslayer (1981) and was co-developed by Phil Tippett.

Types of Stop Motion Videos

  1. Puppet Animation
  2. Clay Animation
  3. Strata cut Animation
  4. Cut out Animation
  5. Model Animation
  6. Object Animation
  7. Pixilation

Stop Motion videos have become a lot popular at present and have done some amazing wonders for the companies. Explainer videos Company in India.


explainer video company
explainer video company
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