Smart ways to earn money on internet

Smart ways to earn money on internet

Money is one of the most prominent factor which decides that how a person is going to lead his life. Every individual wants to have huge money and in order to have them, they try lots of methods, work on different domains, sometimes legal, and few times illegal, but they find their own way to earn money.

One new platform which has grown a lot in the past one decade and has emerged as one of the platform using which people can earn ample amount of money. The platform is internet.

If we look at the growth of internet in the past one decade, it has emerged from around 400 million people using it to almost 2 billion people using it and it is still continuing to grow at a rapid pace. The effect of internet is such that if we look at the top tech companies worldwide, the top notch organizations such as Google, Facebook are earning online and have turned into multiple billion dollar industries and they even didn’t existed 2 decades back.

The option to earn online is not limited to these big brands alone, even common people and students can also use the internet in an effective and smart way which will allow them to earn more than their bread and butter and can even make them financially free if used in large scale.

Let us look at some of the methods using which revenue can be generated from the internet in a smart way.

Jonty khandelwal
Jonty khandelwal

List of options by which money can be earn on internet

  1. Create a blog

It is one of the simplest method which is used by millions of people to earn huge amount of money. Using free services like and, one can easily set up the blog and start posting the content which interests them and then monetize it using Google Adsense. Google will pay to you once a visitor is going to click the ad or going to get 1000 impressions on the ad. Many people have even made a career out of blogging and using it at a large scale.

  1. Upload videos on YouTube

YouTube is the world’s number website for the videos and can be called as the world’s biggest video search engine. It is used by more than a billion people each month and is an integrated part of Google. YouTube provides the option to upload your own videos and monetize it using the Google Adsense.

  1. Become a freelancer

If you have any set of skills and want to earn extra bucks then freelancing is one of the best available option. There are many portals available where people post their requirements and then the bid is set. You can participate in the bidding and take the project and ask for the appropriate amount for the work you are going to complete. It not only allows you to work on the real life project but also earn you a handsome amount.

  1. Sell stuff online

Since the online marketing and e-commerce have become popular, online selling has become really easy and has grown as a big market to invest in. earlier there was the option of Paypal which can be used at large scale to send and receive payments but since the arrival of Paytm, Oxigen Money, it has become more user friendly to make their transactions easy. One thing you need to take care of is that you need to be honest about the product you are selling, only then you will stay trustworthy in this domain.

This is how a person can generate revenue using the internet.

Jonty Khandelwal
Jonty Khandelwal

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