Making of explainer video from a freelancer is profitable or from a company

Making of explainer video from a freelancer is profitable or from a company

We are in the 21st century and have seen many transitions in the marketing strategies of the organizations. Companies come up with new marketing strategy every now and then to promote their concept among people in order to get new customers and thus maximize their products.

The companies have capitalized the digital world in the correct manner as well to target more audience and take their business to new level of success. The digital platform in turn has also helped these organization a lot in boosting their concept and changed the dynamics for them.

animated video for businesses

One of the most prominent advertising strategy which has been used by the companies from quite a time is the explainer videos.

An explainer video is a short video which is used to explain the concept of the company to the people and promote its products and services in order to convert the people into potential customers.

The domain of explainer videos became popular after 2007 when Twitter produced its own explainer video with the help of a company known as Common Craft. The video show how to use the micro blogging giant and became very popular all around. It got more than 10 million views.

An explainer video is made up of many elements such as text, animation, graphics, motion, sound and most importantly the creativity.

Whenever a company decide to inculcate the explainer video in their marketing strategy, there are many things which need to be figure out and they are very important as well.

One of the most important to figure out is that who will produce the explainer video – a professional company or a freelancer. Let us know that which one is better and profitable.

Making explainer video from freelancer or company

  1. Budget of the company – The first thing first. Hiring a professional company to create the explainer video requires huge investment. The company takes the project from scratch and make sure that the target goals of the company are met and they even help in marketing too post production of video. They have got expertise in their work and have a team full of enthusiasm.
    Whereas there exists the freelancers whose experience level is less than that of the company but compete them in the level of enthusiasm. They charge less than the professional company and give their best to make the explainer video work and produce fruitful results for their client.
  2. Quality – There is a very popular saying that “You get what you pay for” since the company is charging more for the explainer video they are producing hence it is a fact that there video will produce high quality videos as well which will slightly be missing if freelancers are hired.

Free lancers will be able to provide the high quality videos but still there will be some voids due to their lack of experience.

  1. Engagement of the Company – It is one of the important factor which is sometimes underestimated. Whenever a project is given to the company, they make sure that they communicate with the client in regular intervals but when the same is given to the freelancers, the client engagement increases as he is required to guide at every stage. Also the companies shows professionalism in their work which is effective in long run.

From above points, it can be concluded that hiring a professional company is beneficial to produce the explainer videos as it will give more effective results to the organization and help them in growing their business.

Whenever a company decide to have an explainer video, it becomes complex for them to choose from the company or the freelancer. Read the comparison between them which will help in deciding whether the company is beneficial or the freelancer.

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