Animated Explainer video and whiteboard explainer video company cost

Animated Explainer video and whiteboard explainer video company cost

The concept of explainer video and whiteboard animated videos have grown a lot in last many years and has emerged as one of the top marketing strategy used by companies to advertise their products and services to people around the world to get more conversions and boost their business and increase their brand value.

What is the difference in cost of an Explainer video and whiteboard
What is the difference in cost of an Explainer video and whiteboard

To do video marketing for the business, there are many styles available for the brands through which they can create their own videos and get it featured on the YouTube or on their own website. Some of the best available styles are explainer video, whiteboard animation video, 2D animation, stop motion videos, live action explainer videos, typography videos and many more.

In order to get a beautiful video for the business, a professional team is required which has expertise in their domain and can think out of the box and creative ideas for the problem statement they meet and have patience as the whole process of creating the video is time consuming.

The explainer videos and the whiteboard animation are the widely used styles in video marketing and the companies prefer them as these themes gives a whole new dimension to the presentation of the concept to the people and they have got the best conversion rate as well.

Explainer video

An explainer video is a short video which ‘explains’ the products and services to the people with entertaining elements in them and uses the phenomena of brain science.

Whiteboard animation videos

A whiteboard animation video is the one in which the artist draws the object and images on a whiteboard (or any surface resembling it) and the whole process is recorded by a video camera. These video uses less animation and thus can be afforded anyone as they cost low as well. These videos gives the freedom to the creator to be bold and creative.

There are many differences between the explainer videos and the whiteboard animated videos which we discussed earlier as well. The major difference between the two styles is the use of animation.

In an explainer video, the whole video orients around animation and is made using the combination of text, graphics, sound, motion and the whole concept is integrated with a perfect script which narrates the concept of the company. Whereas, in the whiteboard animation, the animation is least used. The objects and images are hand drawn on a white board and then the video is edited using software and tools.

Difference between explainer video and whiteboard animation in monetary terms

When it comes to the difference between the explainer video and whiteboard animation keeping cost as a factor. Here the whiteboard animated video is more economical than the explainer videos.

On an average, the explainer video costs around $1500 to $15,000 and the cost may increase when advance and latest tools are used or highly professionals are hired for the accomplishment of the job. On the other hand, a whiteboard animated video can be easily completed within a budget of up to $2000 to $5000. The cost can be further reduced if the editing part of the video can be done by the artist itself.

However, the cost of an explainer video can also be reduced by a significant level if majority of the modules are done by the company itself such as script writing, actors, voiceover and promoting the video among people using YouTube and social media.

These styles adds new value to the company and it is important to use them wisely and effectively to get fruitful results.

There is a big difference in the cost of explainer video and whiteboard video. Explainer videos costs more than whiteboard videos hence it is important to use them wisely with effective tools.

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