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What is a Animated Whiteboard video?

The concept of white board animated video arrived from the process of somebody drawing on a whiteboard with other recording it. In technical words, whiteboard animation is a process in which an innovative and creative story and a storyboard with multiple images is drawn on a whiteboard by the people who record themselves in the process of their creating the art.

Over the period of couple of years, the animated white board video have gained a lot of attraction and has become a part of companies to advertise via internet and Television and spread the message which they want to.

In a whiteboard animated video, the actual effect is shown either in the form of time-lapse or sometimes, it is simply a stop motion. One of the effect, in the form of actual motion is also incorporated to make the process more effective, but is rarely used by the artists.

Some of the other terminologies which are associated with the animated whiteboard video includes video scribing and animated doodling. With the passage of time, the field of animated whiteboard video has progressed a lot and has got into a whole new dimension. The video animation templates are used in much more effective way and their variations have also increased and many new animation styles have also been developed.

Whiteboard explainer video company
Whiteboard explainer video company

As the technology has also developed in the last couple of years and new software have come up to create the whiteboard animation videos, the process to accomplish the task has become a lot easier and the quality level has also been boosted up.

Whiteboard animated videos

The whiteboard animated videos were seen when a UPS whiteboard commercial was launched. Though, the style and animations were hugely different from what they are viewed at present. Almost all the major brands and corporate of all sectors have started to incorporate this concept in their products to reach to more customers. The whiteboard animated videos help them in more conversions than the traditional methods.

The animated whiteboard videos have not only helped major organizations and companies, but also helped in bringing a revolution in the field of education as well. In this field, this concept is used to teach languages to students and help them to learn in a much better and effective manner. Also it is used to deliver messages to people working at various places and the demonstration of new services or products launched by a company.

Back in 2010, the Royal Society of Arts, London tried to convert their speeches and books into the whiteboard animations and the feedback was overwhelming from the people who viewed it. Additionally, 14 RSA Animated also used whiteboard animation to showcase their video and gained also 4.6 crore views, which helped them to become the top non-profit channel at Youtube.

Although, there are other animated concepts that have been emerged in the last couple of years, with one of the primary and domination being Explainer Video, but the way whiteboard animated videos have established itself, it’s been amazing. It gives the artist more power to be bold and creative.

Some of the top tools which are used to design the whiteboard animated videos are:

  1. GoAnimate
  2. PowToon
  3. Video Scribe

Here is some whiteboard animation sample kindly check below:

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