What is the process of explainer video making

What is the process of explainer video making

The world has witnessed a huge transition in the marketing strategies of the company in the last 2 decades. One of the reason behind the transition is the growth of internet. The digital media has emerged as the next big thing and is used by almost 2 billion people each month. The scope of internet is growing at a rapid pace as it has helped people in connecting with community and they can easily share data and get information on any topic. explainer video company.

The companies have also used the concept of internet at an optimum level which has helped them in taking their business to new dimension and they are able to get new customers.

One of the advertising strategy which is used by the companies at present stage is explainer videos.

An explainer video is a short length video which explain the concept of a company to the people and promote their services cum products to the masses so that they can get new potential customers.

These videos are also known as landing page video or home page video. The working principal of these videos is the brain science. It conveys that if the auditory and visual elements are merged together than the produced output turns out to be a powerful medium which can spread the message of the company to the people. These videos engages the huge audience with ease and help the companies in boosting their sales by a huge margin of up to 10% to 50%.

Whenever an explainer video is created, a professional team is required which has the capability to think out of the box and creative ideas and help their clients in completing their business goals.

The process of creating an explainer video is quite typical hence it has been divided into a number of stages to make the process smooth. Let us know the process of creating an explainer video through which they demonstrate the concept of a company.

Jonty khandelwal
Jonty khandelwal

Process of making the explainer videos

  1. Research and Scripting

A good script is the base for an amazing explainer video. Before writing the script for the explainer video, it is important to understand the company, their concept, their target audience and do a well research which will help in preparing the script. Also, it is necessary to create the script short as the explainer video lasts for few seconds only.


  1. Style and Illustration

It is the most interesting stage of the explainer video making. Here, all the characters and objects are created which will be used in the video. They are either handmade or drawn on computer. Many illustrations are drawn and then finalized with the help of the client.


  1. Storyboarding

This is one of the typical part of the making of explainer videos. In this, the illustrator is placed in accordance with the script. It is a static scene by scene representation of video in its animated form.


  1. Voiceover

Once the visuals of the video is prepared, its time to embed the sound in the video. The audio is recorded and used in the video.


  1. Animation

It is the most time consuming part of an explainer video. Here, all the enhanced settings are done and the video is made perfect with the help of professional software like Adobe After Effects. The each movement is done right in this.


  1. Music and Sound Effects

It is the last stage. Here an engineer mixes the sound, adds the background music and makes sure the final product is doing what it was supposed to do and includes no complexity in them.


This is how the explainer video is created by a team or a freelancer.


The explainer videos are used at a large scale by the companies for their promotion. Read how an explainer video is made and all the stages which are involved in producing an amazing explainer video.

Jonty Khandelwal
Jonty Khandelwal

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