What is kinetic typography video

What is kinetic typography video

The 21st century belong to the digital media and internet has emerged out as one of the best platform which has connected the world together and turned out to be very helpful in sharing the data and information. Today, the internet is used by almost 2 billion people worldwide and the number is increasing at a rapid speed.

The platform of the digital media has become very fruitful for the entrepreneurs and companies around the globe and they have used it at an optimum level to expand their business and finding new and potential customers.

The companies have used the concept of explainer videos in the most effective way to promote their business and idea which have helped them in expanding and reach new dimensions of the business.

The explainer videos are the special kind of videos which are made up of animation, text, motion and graphics which leaves an ever lasting impression on the viewer. These video focus on elaborating and basic and important functions of the services which are provided by the company and explain it in a short span of time. This make the user connect with the company in a better way and find the reason that why they should go for the products or services of the company.

When it comes to choosing the explainer video for the business, there are many styles available from which the company choose the one which fits their business the best. These types are –

Types of explainer videos

  1. 2D Animation Videos
  2. 3D Animation Videos
  3. Stop Motion Explainer Videos
  4. Infographic Videos
  5. Whiteboard Animated videos
  6. Live Action Explainer Videos
  7. Typography Videos
  8. Screen Cast Videos
  9. Music only Videos
  10. Testimonial Explainer Videos

In these explainer video styles, the typography videos are very much loved by the people. It is also known as the kinetic typography video.



Concept of Typography Explainer Videos

The fact is true that words speaks a lot and this type of explainer videos are best suit for sharing inspiring texts and messages in a sequential manner to the audience.

The primary attribute of these type of videos which makes them popular and interesting is that they are very creative in style and thus helps in engaging a large section of audience towards them and convey the message properly.

Additionally, they are easy to create and are not too expensive as well. Hence it is used by many small companies and the startups too. It uses typographic fonts to elaborate the idea in a very sober manner.

The whole motive behind creating the kinetic typography videos is that they are best for people who loves books and reading is their passion. Thus these videos conveys messages in a much enhanced way than content articles and books.

In these type of videos, the text message is not stationary, it is flexible and shown in motion to the context to elaborate the concept.

The typography explainer video in the business are used as a home page video or landing video using multiple types of text fonts and variable size makes the content more compelling and carries following elements:

  1. Evokes emotions at right time
  2. Emphasis is laid on specified messages
  3. Builds the sense of urgency to take quick actions

They are used in accomplishing many purposes for the organization such as –

  1. Promotional Content
  2. Music Video
  3. Educational Purpose

The kinetic typography videos are the most amazing when they are used with correct illustrations, fonts and music and the message is delivered in the most effective manner to the audience and give them reason to take the right step.

kinetic typography explainer videos are the most unique style of explainer videos as it serves the emotions in a best way in form of text with a background music.

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