Kinds of explainer videos

Kinds of explainer videos

Explainer videos are no stranger to anyone who is in the field of marketing and is used by companies at a large scale to promote their products and services to get new customers and increase their profit. explainer video company.

The concept of an explainer video was first seen professionally in 2007 when a company called Common Craft created an explainer video for Twitter. The video show how to use the micro blogging giant in an optimum manner. The video became very popular and helped millions of people to connect to Twitter.

The success of the video posted on Twitter gave confidence to many other companies around the globe and they started to advertise their concept with the help of these explainer videos.

An explainer video is also termed as home page video or the landing page video and works on the phenomena of brain science. It tells that if the auditory and visual senses are integrated together, the video becomes a powerful tool to spread the message to masses and thus attracts lots of viewers. That is the reason that explainer videos can easily engage a huge audience.

These videos not only serve the right information about the concept of the company to the viewer in a short span of time, but also do the whole process in a fun manner which makes them really interesting to watch. This is one of the reason that people appreciate the video content nowadays in comparison to the traditional plain content.

When it comes to having an explainer video to advertise the concept of a company, there exist many styles which are used to create a beautiful explainer video.

All these styles have their own pros and cons and have their own qualities which stands them out of the rest. It is the company which decide that what style would suit their business the most. In order to select the style of explainer video, the product and the customer that is going to target matter a lot.

Let us look at all the styles available in explainer videos using which the business will have their own video to showcase their concept.

Types of explainer videos

    1. 2D animation

The 2D animation is the most famous and widely used explainer video type. These videos can be created at a small budget and are very easy to create. That is why majority of the startups prefer these videos for their business. Here, both the scenes and the characters are created in 2D using the perspective in order to create the illusion.

    1. Whiteboard animation

It is one of the simple yet exciting explainer video style which is as popular as the 2D animation. In this type, the artist draws the object and the characters on a white board and then the whole process is recorded using a video camera. These videos don’t use much animation in them and provide the liberty to creator to be bold and creative. B2B and B2C companies prefers them a lot.

    1. Live Action Explainer Videos

These are one of the special type of explainer videos which are also known as the testimonial videos. It includes the real people who have already used your products and services and they share their positive experience after using the products. They are very helpful in connecting to new customers.

    1. Typography Videos

The soul aim to bring out this kind of explainer video is to deliver powerful message with the help of words or word clouds. These messages are delivered in amazing style of fonts, a background music and some animation. It is usually used to inspire people and express the idea or the opinion.

These are the widely used styles of explainer videos.

Read about the styles of explainer videos which are used at a large scale. The whiteboard animation and the 2D animation videos are commonly used and know more about typography videos.

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