Best Mobile App Animated Explainer Video company

Best Mobile App Animated Explainer Video company

The explainer videos have become a lot of popular and changed the way the company advertised themselves.

An explainer video is a short video which is used to ‘explain’ the concept of a company to the people and the promotion of products and services is done which are offered by the company.

The concept of the explainer video was first seen back in 2007 when a company called Common Craft created the first professional explainer video for Twitter. The video elaborated how to use the Tweets in best way and helped the micro blogging giant a lot. The video got lots of popularity and got more than 10 million views.

The explainer videos works on the phenomena of brain science which says that if the resources are used in an effective way, the video is a powerful medium to deliver the message and helps in connecting people to the company. These videos integrates the visual and auditory senses in them which makes them fun to watch and attracts many visitors to them.

That is why the explainer videos engages a huge audience with ease and has the helped the companies in boosting their conversion rate up to 10% to 50%, which is an astonishing figure.

The primary attribute of the explainer videos is that they serves the right information to the user in a very short span of time and the whole process is done in an entertaining way.

Today, the scope of the explainer videos have become very vast and companies – small or large have made this concept as their primary marketing tool by replacing the traditional methods of marketing.

It is also important to change the tactics of the company as majority of the people are coming online and they don’t like to read the conventional text hence the video proves out to be an amazing way to engage them and maintain their interest. In the age of digital media, when almost 1.8 billion people are using smartphones and more than 20 billion apps are being downloaded by these people.

Hence, it becomes important to advertise these apps in front of people so that they can be optimized properly and their downloads can be increased which will lead to the increased conversion rates and turning them into potential customers.

In the recent times, there have been many amazing videos released for mobile apps.

List of top explainer videos for mobile apps

  1. Gigtown – A mobile app made for music lovers. It helps the people to find, follow and book the musicians for any events.
  2. Google Now – An explainer video launched by Google in which they descripted their app of Google Now for iPhone and iPad. The video was liked a lot by the people.
  3. Spotify – the video was released when the Spotify came to US for the first time. The best part of this music app is that it consisted of no voiceover. It has only the soundtrack and fun visuals.
  4. Pinterest – The special explainer was made when Pinterest was in its earlier days. This video showed how to use the boards in Pinterest and optimize it to the large scale.
  5. Student Hut – A great tool made for the students of college to discuss and give a review the class before getting into the choice of their course.
  6. File Expert – An app made for the Android to manage the files on tablets, smart phones and cloud storage servers.

Explainer videos have become very popular over the years and are now made for the mobile apps for their promotion so that they can be reached to more people.

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