Is explainer video very useful for the growth of the business

 Is explainer video very useful for the growth of the business

The process to doing the business has become easy for the entrepreneurs. The resources and tools are easily available and that too in an optimized way. But the competition has also increased among the companies ever since and it has become difficult for the organizations to stretch their reach to new prospects.

In order to fight this challenge, many new marketing tactics have been started by companies which makes it easy to endorse their products among the people.

Some of the primary marketing strategy which have become a lot popular for organizations in the last couple of years is video marketing and digital marketing.

The video marketing technique has emerged as the primary advertising component for the brands and they have injected it in their marketing plan at a large scale.

explainer video company
explainer video company

The video marketing is the process of incorporating the videos in the business and promoting the content of the organization with the help of it. There are many styles of the video marketing such as explainer videos, testimonial videos, live event videos, animation videos, whiteboard animation videos and many more.

Out of all these, the explainer videos is the mostly used concept around the globe. The concept began a decade back and the first professional work was seen in 2007 when Twitter hired a company called Common Craft which produced the video for them.

The video helped the people in understanding Twitter to an optimum level and helped it in becoming the micro blogging giant. The video become very popular and received more than 10 million views.

The explainer videos are very helpful for companies in expenditure of their business. We will cover many points in this context.

How explainer videos are useful in growth of business

  1. Clarifies the objective of company in best possible manner

The conventional presentation of the objective of the company to the clients and eliminates all the misinterpretation and ambiguity. These videos always focus on basic and useful functions of the products. A better understanding of the product is served to the people.

  1. Helps Audience in Retaining Information

It’s a scientific fact that a human mind remembers visual things more than the content which has been read. It lays a strong point for the companies to the use of explainer videos as they allow the viewers to stick to them and thus the viewers retain more suitable information about the company. May be the viewer will not make any conversions from the company but will remember the product and company for a long span of time which later helps in the word of mouth promotion.

  1. Better ranking in Google Search Results

According to the updated algorithm of Google, it has been observed that the websites which have videos in their content ranks better in the search results and the links with conventional text does not do well. Also, the visitors also prefers the video content more as the text content is very boring and nobody wants to read a whole page of document when relevant info is available and in less amount of time as well.

  1. Boost in the sales

This is the ultimate point of using the explainer videos in the business. These videos not only engage visitors on their platform but also connect them to the company and gives them strong reason that why they should opt the products. In a study, it has been found that on using the explainer videos in an effective way, the organizations have experienced a boost in their conversions up to 50% which is phenomenal.

That is how the use of explainer videos helps the companies in boosting their business.

The explainer videos have turned out to be very beneficial for the companies around the globe and the effective use engages the visitors on their platform which leads to growth in their business

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