Importance of Explainer videos in business

Importance of Explainer videos in business

It’s been one decade since the explainer video domain was used by companies to boost their brand and it has helped them a lot in reaching out to more people and getting more conversions.

An explainer video is a short video which is filled with fun element and is very informative for the viewer as they understand the complex ideas and concept into very simple way.

The explainer videos have really helped the companies in boosting their business and they have even got a hike of 10% to 50% in their conversions.

Explainer video company
Explainer video company

Here is the importance of explainer videos in business:

  1. Clarifies Objective of Products cum Services

The traditional form to represent the product and services to customer using digital platform was written content in form of article and conventional videos which demonstrated the products. But they are quite tricky, and often leads to misinterpretation. Explainer video eliminates this ambiguity and focuses only on the useful and basic functions of the product. A better understanding of the project is made using explainer video.


  1. Better ranking in Google Search Results

It has been a well known fact that majority of the searches are made using queries asked on search engine and with every search query on search engine, millions of results are shown. Whenever a website holds more written content and images, they usually ranks low in search results due to a high bounce rate. But whenever a video is used in any web page, it catches the attention of the visitor and thus, makes him stay on the website more and the rank improves accordingly.


  1. Helps Audience in Retaining Information

It has been a scientifically proven fact that a person remembers a thing more which he has watched rather than he heard it or read it. This is an amazing point for the business relying on explainer video. An explainer video makes the audience stick to the video and thus more suitable information is retained by him which ultimately helps in expanding the business.


  1. Easy to Share

In the age of digital media, it is not necessary to stick the content to the main website only but it can be shared on top websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and lot many others. Here the video can be uploaded and also many keywords and description can be used to get more traffic on the video. They have become significant platform for companies to increase the brand value and reaching out to more people in all domains.


  1. A huge increment in Interest

An explainer video is short, fun and informative. It lasts for 1 to 3 minutes and engages the audience in a powerful way. An animated explainer video is a powerful medium to give more value to the products and services of a company. In a study, it has been revealed that the probability of selling of a product increases by up to 80% when an accompanying explainer video is shown to them.

One more fact which supports the use of explainer video to promote the business is that with the passage of time, the number of users who uses internet are using at an exponential rate and with more people coming online, the overall traffic will be increased which will open more gates of opportunities for companies to get more traffic on their websites and make their brand more popular.


The concept of Explainer videos still have to travel a lot of path and it has got a huge scope for the companies and the people who are working under this domain.


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