Explainer video company in India

Explainer video company in India

Explainer Videos company in india have emerged out as a powerful medium to explain the complex situations to the people with ease in an entertaining, short and informative manner. The explainer videos have managed to engage audience and made them share it to other networks as well.

They first came in limelight in 2007 when a company called Common Craft used it for Twitter, world’s largest micro blogging site and since then, they are dominating the market and have become an integrated part of marketing strategy for organizations. They not only bring value to the products of brands, but also gives a strong reason to consumers to get served by these brands.

The explainer video works on the simple concept of brain science. They collaborate the powers of auditory and visual senses in a single domain thus, after using simple animations, a powerful video is created, which is not only short in duration, but also have additional elements of entertainment and information as well.

From start ups to established organizations, everyone is using these animated videos to grow their business and get the maximum conversion rate.

There are many top production houses which designs the explainer video.

Some of the best Explainer video company in India

  1. Epipheo – epipheo.com –

A company that was started back in 2009 and has achieved new heights of success in their journey of 7 years so far. Epipheo is one of those explainer video production house which has completed the projects of almost all major companies of the world which includes Google, Microsoft, Nike, 3M, Cisco, Facebook, ebay, HP, SAP, Adobe, Tera Data and so many other top brands of the world.

The brand name of the company Epipheo is quite unorthodox and has become after merging two words, Epiphany + Video. Epiphany means a sudden, intuitive perception of the reality. So if something is there which you don’t get at first, and then suddenly get it, you get an Epiphany.

The team at Epipheo helps its customer to take better decisions. They have a very unique strategy for work. They find the important attributes of the customer and the product and then completely focus on that. They find the things which are hard to find and maintains a level of class and standard in their work. It takes almost 10-12 weeks for them to complete a project and their costing matches the level of quality they produces. From discovery of finding things to post production of video, they keep a check point on each point and does not stops until the work has been accomplished successfully.

Connect to Epipheo
700, West Pete Rose Way
Cincinnati, OH – 45203

Explainer video company
Explainer video company
  1. Motion Crafter – motioncrafter.com

A US based company which is in the town from half a decade and has worked for more than 180 brands across the globe and crated more than 430 videos in this period. They have got even HP, Rack Space, Tyson as their clients and have produced some of the most amazing videos which have helped its customers to get their audience engaged on their business and increase the conversions for them.

One of their client Rack Space managed to get more than 25 million views on one of its explainer video which was created by them. They have got a dedicated and hard working team which puts in all their efforts to make their customers feel satisfied. Their pricing is also quite affordable hence they attract many entrepreneurs who have recently started up with their company.

Connect to Motion Crafter:

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