Importance of explainer videos

Importance of explainer videos

There are several advantages while talking about the explainer videos when they are compared to traditional text explanations and descriptions. Importance of explainer videos.

To begin with the videos are able to engage the viewers more than the text. Moreover this is also the age of high speed connections when people do not have patients to stay on a page for a long time. It has been noticed that an average user has an attention span of around 8 seconds.

In such a situation if they are not engaged in those 8 seconds they will move on to the next site immediately. So a good explainer video must have the most important details and the details must be covered in the first minutes.

Usage of an explainer videos can also help the product to be covered in other media. On a regular basis the reporters   have to go through endless amount of material. The video format gives an advantage in getting noticed over the other material which is sent in.  Moreover, the reporters will be able to grasp more information through the small video and their research time can be saved.

The videos leave a very little scope for the interpretation of the reporters so the viewers do not get  the wrong message. A well composed explainer video has the ability to increase the conversation rates by around 15 to 50%.

Importance of explainer videos
Importance of explainer videos

An explainer video also helps to convey the message about a product or a service in less time in this era of lighting speed work.  A study has also found that people prefer to watch explainer videos instead of wasting time in reading out lengthy text tutorials.

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People today hardly engage themselves in reading long pages containing texts.  They prefer to click on a video and get instantly informed about the information about the company or the service.

There are significant features of explainer videos which contain effective tools and a good mixture of entertainment and information. Inserting of animation and pictures makes it even more precise, simple and easy to understand the product.

Such images will also help people to remember the products easily with a particular set of pictures. For instance a huge ‘M’ reminds people of the fast food giant McDonalds.


 Due to the increase in the popularity of the explainer videos and the ease of their access has made the internet searches popular.

The products and their information is displayed through a video and many of the companies have also witnessed an increase in sales by involving in creation of various explainer videos.

A combination of visuals, animation and sounds helps to make a great impact on the users and influence them to be drawn towards the product.

If the company is being introduced to another firm then   it is not a good idea to depend on the texts to explain about everything.

A video can explain almost everything from the number of products, cliental list and other features in a matter of minutes.

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